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Metrology Symposium 2024 The Metrology Symposium 2024. Digitalization and Automation in Mass Metrology. Third Edition: Future and New Solutions was held on April 16-18, 2024. 2024-04-19
RADWAG Balances at India Fair analytica Anacon India and India Lab Expo 2024 laboratory fair is being held April 15-17, 2024 in Mumbai. 2024-04-16
Our Balances and Scales Are the Best and We Can Prove It RADWAG balances and scales were chosen as the best in all three categories in which they were nominated, in the Weighing Review Awards 2024. 2024-04-15
RADWAG UK Limited. The Representative Office of RADWAG in the United Kingdom RADWAG has its own foreign representations in six countries around the world, where qualified salesmen and technicians work. One of them is located in the UK and is managed by Mr. Kamil Bojarski. 2024-04-15
RADWAG at the World’s Leading Trade Fair “analytica”: April 9-12, 2024, Munich. 2024-04-12
Paper on AVK 1000.5Y by RADWAG RADWAG’s long-time partner and friend, Tadeusz Szumiata PhD., D.Sc., will deliver his paper at the 2nd Gulf Metrology Forum held April 22-23 in Dubai. 2024-04-10
RADWAG ESPAÑA BALANZAS. Representative Office of RADWAG in Spain RADWAG has six international representative offices. One of them is located in Spain. 2024-04-08
RADWAG Is the GOLD Sponsor of GULFMET METROLOGY FORUM 2024! A forum on digitalization and automation in mass metrology will be held in Dubai on April 22-23. Along with our exclusive distributor in the UAE, Himatrix, we are its gold sponsor. 2024-04-08
11th Central China Science and Education Instrument and Technology Equipment Exhibition 2024 RADWAG’s products were demonstrated to participants of the exhibition, which took place on March 26-28 in Wuhan, China. 2024-04-03
RADWAG Balances at Drug Detection Technology Conference On March 28-29, RADWAG’s products were presented at 13th Drug Inspection and Detection Technology Conference in Jinan, China. 2024-04-03
RADWAG Waagen Germany. The Representative Office of RADWAG in Germany Germany is another country where RADWAG Wagi Elektroniczne has its representative office. The office manager is Mr. Edwin Heinke. 2024-04-03
AP-12.5Y for the Laboratories of Tomorrow The first edition of the conference on precision pipetting and weighing took place on March 27-28, 2024 in Lyon. 2024-03-29
We Flew 1722.3 km to Be Here with You And to represent the RADWAG brand at the prestigious laboratory exhibition FORUM LABO 2024 on March 27-28, 2024 in Lyon. 2024-03-29
Easter Happy Easter! 2024-03-28
Metrology Symposium 2024 – What the Third Day of the Conference Brings Us? The Metrology Symposium 2024. Digitalization and Automation in Mass Metrology. Third Edition: Future and New Solutions will be held on April 16-18, 2024. 2024-03-27
RADWAG USA L.L.C. The Representative Office of RADWAG in the USA RADWAG USA L.L.C. is RADWAG’s largest and oldest foreign distributor, serving the North and South American markets since 2004. The office manager is Mr. Adrian Casanova. 2024-03-25
RADWAG China’s Website Is Now Available! We kindly invite you to visit the website of our exclusive distributor in China, RADWAG Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 2024-03-22
Metrology Symposium 2024 – What the Second Day of the Conference Brings Us? The Metrology Symposium 2024. Digitalization and Automation in Mass Metrology. Third Edition: Future and New Solutions will be held on April 16-18, 2024. 2024-03-21
Workshops Summary The Dealer Meeting Workshops: Discover New 5Y and X7 Balances has come to an end. We remind you of the highlights of the day. 2024-03-20
Radom Again Attracted People from all over the World! RADWAG distributors from the world’s most distant places gathered in Radom on March 19, 2024, to discover the advantages of the company’s latest products. 2024-03-19
Metrology Symposium 2024 – What the First Day of the Conference Brings Us? The Metrology Symposium 2024. Digitalization and Automation in Mass Metrology. Third Edition: Future and New Solutions will be held on April 16-18, 2024. 2024-03-13
RADWAG in Jiangxi, China! Jiangxi Provincial Conference on High Quality Development of Scientific Instrument Industry was hold on March 9, 2024. 2024-03-12
Which Power Supply Fits Your RADWAG Balance or Scale? We have power supplies and powerbanks for RADWAG balances and scales in the company’s permanent offer, which means that you can order them at any time in our online store. Before we specify which power supply fits your RADWAG balance or scale, we will present the most important information describing each model. 2024-03-05
NEW: WLC X7 Balances! The WLC X7 Precision Balances have joined RADWAG’s offer and will soon replace the WLC X2 Balances. 2024-03-01
NEW: SM-MYA 5.1.5Y Susceptometer! This is our fifth susceptometer in the product range. 2024-02-27
Congratulations on Your 25th Anniversary! We are proud to announce that our exclusive distributor in India and reliable business partner, LCGC Trucal and Services LLP, has been thriving in the weighing market for a quarter of a century. 2024-02-21
152 Days a Year! That’s how much some of RADWAG’s employees spend at trade fairs, conferences and other related events. 2024-02-19
Love Can’t Be Weighed, but Everything Else Can Watch our Valentine’s Day video in which we expand on this thought. 2024-02-15
RADWAG Devices in Scientific Research – Environmental Protection Our devices are used in scientific research. 2024-02-12
February FREE Webinars at RADWAG! The events will cover the functionality of the new AS X7 and PS X7 Laboratory Balances and the new MA X7 and MA 5Y Moisture Analyzers. 2024-02-08
Balances from Poland Attract Interest among Entrepreneurs in India Entrepreneurs expressed their interest during the VIZAG Pharma and Lab Expo, held on February 01-03, 2024. 2024-02-06
5 reasons Y to buy MA 5Y MA 5Y is a new moisture analyzer in RADWAG’s offer. Why is it worth having? Hear 5 reasons Y to buy MA 5Y. 2024-02-05
NEW: X7 Laboratory Balances! Once again, we are improving the comfort of weighing! This time with the new X7 laboratory balances series. 2024-02-02
New: RMC 10000.5Y! A new model of robotic mass comparator with a maximum capacity of 10,100 grams is now available. 2024-01-15
Metrology Symposium 2024! A mass of mass metrology experts from around the world will gather at RADWAG to discuss the future of the discipline. 2024-01-11
Which Scale for Packages? RADWAG Postal Scale for Packages C315.P.60 Postal Scale for Packages is designed for weighing items of various sizes and masses up to 60 kilograms with a readability of 20 grams. In this article, we will answer questions about the key features and applications of the RADWAG Postal Scale for Packages and where to buy it. 2024-01-03
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