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PUE HX7 Indicator
AGV-4/1000 Automatic Comparator
LOAD LOCK – system aiding the AVK-1000 vacuum mass comparator operation
Formulations in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators
RADWAG Print Studio
Compliance of E2R Weighing Records with 21 CFR part 11
DWM HPX Checkweigher
A new version of the advanced PUE 5 weighing indicator
PMV 50 Microwave Moisture Analyzer
Profinet in HY10 Indicator
RADWAG Data Access in HY10 software
Full-Empty and Empty-Full Control in 3Y/4Y Balances
New Precision Balances in RADWAG Product Range
Smart Select - Product Identification by Mass
PROFIBUS in IM01.EX Communication Module
Integration of E2R and SAP
DWM HPE Labelling Checkweigher
Dosing in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators
Granulate Density Determination Kit
Pre-Packaged Goods Control - software update
Labelling in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators
New WPT/4N/H.LD 4 Load Cell Ramp Scale
Gravitational Liquid Dosing
Audit Trail Reader
'Workflow' - New Function of E2R System
MAS.1 Weighing Module with Readability of d = 0.01 mg
Graphs in X2 Moisture Analyzers
THBR 2.0 System – Ambient Conditions Monitoring
Improved Parameters of AS.R2 and AS.X2 Balances with d= 0.1 mg
New Automatic Feeder
IM01.EX Communication Module
„Shock Detection” - New Function of 4Y and X2 Balances
PS 3000 - highly precise measurement of up to 3 kg load
System for Lifting the Platform up
New Series of Weighing Instruments with an Integrated Ionizer
AVK-1000 Automatic vacuum mass comparator
AXA11 Automatic pipettes calibration adapter
Antistatic ionizer
Measurement of Weights Magnetization
PUE HX5.EX indicator
C32 Industrial Scales
New automatic pipettes
XA 4Y.M and XA 4Y.M.A microbalances
PUE C32 - Modern Weighing Terminal
High capacity PM precision balances
MA X2.A Moisture analyzer
4Y Series Balances
X2 Series Balances
R Series Balances

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