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PUE HX7 Indicator
AGV-4/1000 Automatic Comparator
LOAD LOCK – system aiding the AVK-1000 vacuum mass comparator operation
Formulations in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators
RADWAG Print Studio
Compliance of E2R Weighing Records with 21 CFR part 11
DWM HPX Checkweigher
A new version of the advanced PUE 5 weighing indicator
PMV 50 Microwave Moisture Analyzer
Profinet in HY10 Indicator
RADWAG Data Access in HY10 software
Full-Empty and Empty-Full Control in 3Y/4Y Balances
New Precision Balances in RADWAG Product Range
Smart Select - Product Identification by Mass
PROFIBUS in IM01.EX Communication Module
Integration of E2R and SAP
Dosing in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators
Granulate Density Determination Kit
Pre-Packaged Goods Control - software update
Labelling in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators
New WPT/4N/H.LD 4 Load Cell Ramp Scale
Gravitational Liquid Dosing
Audit Trail Reader
'Workflow' - New Function of E2R System
MAS.1 Weighing Module with Readability of d = 0.01 mg
Graphs in X2 Moisture Analyzers
THBR 2.0 System – Ambient Conditions Monitoring
Improved Parameters of AS.R2 and AS.X2 Balances with d= 0.1 mg
New Automatic Feeder
IM01.EX Communication Module
„Shock Detection” - New Function of 4Y and X2 Balances
PS 3000 - highly precise measurement of up to 3 kg load
System for Lifting the Platform up
New Series of Weighing Instruments with an Integrated Ionizer
AVK-1000 Automatic vacuum mass comparator
AXA11 Automatic pipettes calibration adapter
Antistatic ionizer
Measurement of Weights Magnetization
PS 3000 - highly precise measurement of up to 3 kg load
C32 Industrial Scales
New automatic pipettes
XA 4Y.M and XA 4Y.M.A microbalances
PUE C32 - Modern Weighing Terminal
Bilance di precisione PM ad alta capacita
Termobilance MA X2 A
bilance serie 4Y
bilance serie X2
Bilance serie R

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