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E2R Checkweigher in Software
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E2R Checkweigher
Product code: WX-010-0055
E2R Checkweigher software has been designed to enable communication between checkweighers and E2R SYSTEM in order to record measurements carried out on network-connected RADWAG scales and perform... More ››
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E2R Checkweigher software has been designed to enable communication between checkweighers and E2R SYSTEM in order to record measurements carried out on network-connected RADWAG scales and perform Control of Prepackaged Goods with use of the dynamic instruments (storage of checkweigher-generated reports). Data obtained from checkweighers is saved to computer database. The system is based on MS SQL 2008 R2 database.

E2R Checkweigher is intended for customers operating in versatile industry branches, i.e.: meat, fish, food-processing, sugar, chemical, metal, and any other that requires fast and reliable weighing process or Prepackaged Goods Control to be carried out on dynamic scales. 

E2R Checkweigher module, like the remaining modules of E2R SYSTEM, is a multiposition software communicating with numerous scales.

E2R Synchronizer is an applications that functions as a server service, it stores weighings from all scales connected to E2R SYSTEM.
E2R Manager is an application for monitoring the scale state in real time.

E2R Checkweigher - functions:
  • Collecting weighings recorded by checkweighers;
  • Adding, deleting and editing records in the Products and Operators databases.
  • Preview via a computer of weighings carried out on checkweighers.
  • Sorting of collected weighings by filters:
    • product batch,
    • operator name,
    • product name,
    • weighing date,
    • net weight,
    • tare,
    • status.
  • Summary of filtered data in a form of:
    • sum of carried out weighings, number of carried out weighings,
    • mean from carried out weighings, minimum measured mass, maximum measured mass.
  • Processing of large amount of data in real time.
  • Customization of permission levels for particular operators.
  • Export of weighings to external XLS and CSV files.
  • Export of reports to PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, CSV, TXT files.
  • Generating general and detailed reports on collected weighings.
  • Generating weighing graphs for a specified time interval.
  • Generating “PGC” report, “Standard” report, and “Variable assortment” report, sent from the checkweigher.
  • Preview of status of a checkweigher plugged to E2R System through E2R Manager - a component of E2R Checkweigher.
  • Generating graph for a particular checkweigher in real time with controlled product thresholds and Qn value.
  • Enabling/disabling collecting and reporting of single weighings, which is conditioned by hardware configuration of a computer on which the E2R Checkweigher is installed.
E2R Checkweigher module comprises E2R Synchronizer and E2R Manager applications designed to collect and store data from checkweighers in E2R SYSTEM.

Minimum hardware requirements:
Recommended server configuration for correct operation of the E2R Checkweigher application and for effective generation of reports covering large amount of weighings collected from checkweighers:
  • Specification of E2R SYSTEM server engine;
  • Server engine software required for correct operation of E2R SYSTEM:
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 64bit/x64 1-4CPU PL 5Clt;
    • Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2008 R2.
  • Display operating with the minimum resolution of 1024x768 pixels
E2R Checkweigher can be installed on a computer not adhering to the minimum hardware requirements, however this calls for the necessity to disable for all the checkweighers the function of record of weighings to the E2R SYSTEM database. Weighings carried out on dynamic scales will be inaccessible!

Minimum hardware requirements in case of disabled record of weighings to the E2R SYSTEM database:
  • 2 GHz processor;
  • 2 GB RAM;
  • OS MS Windows XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows10;
  • Minimum 10 GB of free HDD space;
  • Display operating with the minimum resolution of1024×768 pixels.
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