ALIBI Reader PC Software

ALIBI Reader PC Software
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Product code: WX-010-0114


ALIBI Reader was designed to make reading of the measurements that have been carried out by the R and X2 series


and stored in the ALIBI memory possible. All the accepted measurments are automatically recorded into the ALIBI memory, which is due to the fact that the ALIBI memory is a build-in storage of the balance. The ALIBI memory cannot be modified or deleted, therefore it may be called a black box of the R and X2 series balances. It is possible to export the ALIBI memory of a given


to the Flash Memory Stick Pen Drive. It is also possible to export other


databases to the memory stick. A previously exported file with the ALIBI memory saved to it can be read on a PC computer thanks to the ALIBI Reader program. The user can freely filter the data (e.g. by date, by the user code, by the product etc.) The data are saved to CSV file. ALIBI Reader program not only presents the measurements readouts but it also enables reports generation. The reports can be generated out of chosen measurements, next they are saved to XLS, DOC or PDF files.

The latest software version:
Functionality of ALIBI Reader:
  • Any previously exported file containing the ALIBI memory can be read on a PC computer;
  • Possibility of data filtering and reports generation;
  • ALIBI database can be saved to CSV file;
  • The program is available in the following languages: Polish, English, German, French, Spanish.


Technical Documentation

User Manual
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ALIBI Reader (41.74 MB)

Compatible with

AS X2 Analytical Balances
AS R Analytical Balances
PS X2 Precision Balances
WLC X2 Precision balances
PS R2 Precision Balances
PS R2.H Precision Balances
PS R1 Precision Balances
MA X2.IC.A Moisture Analyzers
MA X2.A Moisture Analyzers
MA R Moisture Analyzers
PUE C32 Weighing Terminal
PUE HX5.EX Weighing Terminal
PUE HX7 Weighing Terminal

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