PUE HX5.EX-1 Terminal

PUE HX5.EX-1 Terminal
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Product code: WX-008-0145
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Intended Use 
HX5.EX is an


intended for industry. It represents the newest RADWAG-manufactured equipment designed to be used in areas endangered with explosive atmosphere. HX5.EX is compliant with ATEX directive. The


is a device intended to be used in environment filled with explosive gases and dust, it can be operated in zones: 1/21 and 2/22.

Indicator Models 
There are 4 different models:
  • PUE HX5.EX-1: 2 × RS232, RS485 - standard design,
  • PUE HX5.EX-2: standard design + 4I/4O,
  • PUE HX5.EX-3: standard design + 4I,
  • PUE HX5.EX-4: standard design + 4O.
The housing is made of AISI 304 stainless steel of high protection class: IP66 / IP68 (up to 1.5 m immersion). The indicator features 5" colour LCD display covered with polycarbonate that protects it against shocks, and membrane keyboard. Ease of operation, clear menu and intuitive information arrangement on the display guarantee comfort of operation. Hermetic intrinsically safe interfaces connectors are located on the back side of the housing. Stable mount bracket enables mounting the indicator either on any flat horizontal surface or on the wall where its inclination angle can be easily adjusted.

Power Supply
The PUE HX5.EX indicator can be connected to the mains only with a certified intrinsically safe power supply, manufactured by RADWAG:
  • PM01.EX-1 power supply intended for operation in hazardous area:
    • zone 1 and 2 where there is a risk of explosion due to mixture of air with vapour, mist or gas, classified as explosion group IIC, IIB and IIA and as temperature class T1, T2, T3, T4.
    • zone 21 and 22 where there is a risk of explosion due to mixture of air with dust, flammable fibres and volatile fuels, classified as explosion group IIIC, IIIB and IIIA.
  • PM01.EX-2 power supply intended for operation in safe area, equipped with intrinsically safe circuits which may be placed in:
    • zone 1 and 2 where there is a risk of explosion due to mixture of air with vapour, mist or gas, classified as explosion group IIC, IIB and IIA and as temperature class T1, T2, T3, T4.
    • zone 21 and 22 where there is a risk of explosion due to mixture of air with dust, flammable fibres and volatile fuels, classified as explosion group IIIC, IIIB and IIIA.
IM01.EX Communication Module

The interfaces range can be expanded using communication module, connected to a terminal via intrinsically safe IM01.EX, placed outside hazardous area.
  • IM01.EX-1 Standard: 2x RS232, USB,4 I/4 O, Ethernet
  • IM01.EX-2 Analog output 4-20mA/0-10V
  • IM01.EX-3 12 I/12 O - digital
  • IM01.EX-4 Profibus DP
  • IM01.EX-6 CANopen (available soon)
  • IM01.EX-7 DeviceNet (available soon)
  • IM01.EX-8 RS485
  • IM01.EX: ETHERNET IP (available soon)
Multifunctional Software
Indicator software allows carrying out processes such as weighing, parts counting, dosing, and percent weighing. Indicator’s system of information is based on databases (such as: users, products, weighings, packaging, formulations, customers) and ALIBI memory which guarantees stored data safety. The interfaces enable cooperation between the indicator and the accessories intended for operation in the hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Accessories: barcode scanners, printers, external displays, control buttons, light signalling towers and other controlling/signalling devices. The indicator can cooperate with systems for automatic process control and superior IT systems.




Marking products with the right symbols contributes to quick and reliable identification. The balance/scale usually transfers product mass or product quantity to the label printer. The transferred value is printed with the following information: bar code, pictogram, content, address etc. In laboratory the labelling is performed in a semi-automatic mode, for industry in an automatic one (dynamic scales).
Plus/Minus Control

Plus/Minus Control

Control of sample's mass carried out with reference to specified MIN and MAX thresholds. The weight is considered to be correct if it is comprised within threshold values. A graphic visualisation of weighing result is displayed in a form of a bar graph.
Percent Weighing

Percent Weighing

Percent Weighing function is used for comparision of measured products with mass standard. Mass of a mass standard may be a numeric value taken from a database or it may be determined through a measurement process. Each measured product is compared to mass standard, mass of which is presumed as a model 100% ideal mass. For products weighing less than the mass standard, obtained results are lower than 100%, for products weighing more, the obtained results are greatly  exceeded.
Parts counting

Parts counting

Function using mass measurement for determination of  measured items quantity. Mass of a single item is required for this process. It may be either estimated through weighment or taken from a database. For items counting the following algorithm is used: all items mass / single item mass = quantity. Function operation is supperted by a mechanism of Automatic Correction of Accuracy. This allows to update single item mass in course of the process. To a certain extend Automatic Correction of Accuracy eliminates error which may be a result of different mass values of seemingly alike single elements. For industry solutions items counting may be simultaneously carried out with checkweighing and dosing thus industry solutions feature audio signalling base informing that specified number of items has been weighed. It is possible to apply weighing systems using few platfroms of different MAX capacities and different accuracies.
Newton unit measurement

Newton unit measurement

Function allowing to perform the measurement in Newton unit, it may be used for processes aiming to determine force resulting in the sample damage.


Statistiscs function registers and analyses performed measurements. This supplies the user withthe following information: Max and Min standard deviation, average value, variance, range et.
GLP Procedures

GLP Procedures

Diagnostic function allowing to objectively document performed measurements. GLP procedures may be either presented in a short report form or extended one.
Replaceable unit

Replaceable unit

Replaceable units.
ALIBI Memory

ALIBI Memory

"ALIBI" memory enables saving and storing up to 100000 measurements.  Measurements are saved automatically upon each pressing of the key. There is no need for any additional operations or changing settings.
The following data related with the measurements is saved: measurement date; measurement time; result (mass); tare value; operator carrying out the measurement (logged in); product name.
The software saves the measurement in a so called loop, i.e. when the measurement no. 100001 is saved, the measurement 1 gets automatically deleted from the memory.
Measurements saved to balance memory cannot be deleted.
You can preview and print out the data saved to the ALIBI database.


Maximum quantity of verification units

6 000 e


OIML Class




5" graphic colour


Protection class

IP 66 / IP 68


Conformity with ATEX

II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb (gases)<br>II 2D Ex ib IIIC T60ºC Db (dusts)


Working in zones

1, 2 (gases); 21, 22 (dusts)


Communication interface

2×RS232, RS485


Power supply

100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz


Maximum quantity of divisions from converter

100 000


Maximum increase of signal

19.5 mV


Minimum volatge per verification unit

0.4 µV


Minimum load cell impedance

80 Ω


Maximum load cell impedance

1200 Ω


Connection of load cells

4 or 6 wires + shield


Operating temperature

-10 ÷ +40



stainless steel



Technical Documentation

User Manual
(0.88 MB) EN

See the publication

User Manual - Power adapter
(0.65 MB) EN

See the publication

User Manual terminala
(1.79 MB) EN

See the publication

User Manual PROFINET
(0.88 MB) EN

See the publication

User Manual oprogramowania
(1.76 MB) EN

See the publication

User Manual PROFIBUS
(0.88 MB) EN

See the publication

Instrukcja oprogramowania
(0.25 MB) EN

See the publication

Data Sheet
(0.89 MB) EN

See the publication

Conformity Declaration
(0.04 MB) EN

See the publication
Publications and teaching materials



GSD Profibus (1.321 KB)

GSD Profinet (4.324 KB)

Compatible with

ALIBI Reader
E2R System
Label Editor R02
RADWAG Connect
RADWAG Development Studio
LabVIEW Driver
Power Adapters
Communication modules

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