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PA-04/H Automatic Feeder

PA-04/H Automatic Feeder
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Product code: WX-001-0105
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PA-04/H automatic feeder is dedicated for automatic dispensing of small objects, in particular pills, capsules and small mechanical components. The feeder ensures regular feeding of the elements onto the


pan to which it is connected. PA-04/H, connected to RADWAG-manufactured laboratory balance, enables quick statistical control in accordance with strict pharmaceutical requirements.
Design and functionality:
Mechanical design of the device is based on cylindrical vibrating feeder with conical or stepped storage bin offered in stainless steel version. Due to application in pharmaceutical industry, the feeder’s storage bin is continuously welded both inside and outside. The feeder is appropriate for dosing pills of diameter ranging from 3 to 25 mm, round and oblong, as well as details of similar shapes and dimensions. Pills or other elements are led along the axis.
The device is equipped with powder-coated steel housing and stainless steel cover. The storage bin features transparent cover that allows verifying quantity of remaining elements.
RADWAG-manufactured Y series laboratory


enable control over PA-04/H feeder. The


controls dosing start and stop, and adjusts objects feeding frequency. The elements dispensed to the


(e.g.: pills) are weighed and statistically assessed. The feeder dispenses next object as soon as it receives an adequate command from the balance. PA-04/H features diodes indicating connection to the mains, device operation and vibration level. Additionally, feeder's keyboard enables emptying the storage bin and adjusting the frequency of elements dosing by changing the vibration level.  
Feeder-balance cooperation is enabled by Mass control mode.

PA-04/H cooperates with the following laboratory balances:
  • AS 3Y analytical balance
  • XA 4Y analytical balance
  • PS 3Y precision balance


PA-04/H Automatic feeder


Protection class

IP 34


Communication interface



Power supply

100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz


Power consumption

95 W


Operating temperature

+5 ÷ +40


Device dimensions



Net weight



Gross weight



Diameter of fed objects

ø3 ÷ ø25


Feeder diameter




1 ÷ 15 pcs/min



external, from balance level



Technical specification
Publications and teaching materials

User Manual
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See the publication

Data Sheet
(0.44 MB)

See the publication

Automatic Feeder
(2.75 MB)

See the publication

Compatible with

AS 3Y Analytical Balances
PS 3Y Precision Balances
Antivibration tables for laboratory balances
XA 4Y Analytical Balances

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