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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year May your Christmas be merry, filled with peace and laughter, May it be a fruitful time for you, your family and your friends, May the New Year be full of prosperity and blessings. 2018-12-21
LOAD LOCK – system aiding the AVK-1000 vacuum mass comparator operation The system significantly shortens the process of providing the right vacuum value to up to 5 hours counting from the moment of device start-up. 2018-12-14
Saudi International Pharma Expo & Saudi Medlab Expo 2018 On 19 - 21 November 2018, International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 2018-12-14
Training for distributors from Saudi Arabia On 18 November lectures and workshops concerning RADWAG products and functional metrology took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 2018-12-13
ALL4PACK Paris On 26-29 November 2018, ALL4PACK trade fair took place in France. 2018-12-12
Redefinition of the Kilogram - a Revolutionary Change of the SI System A new definition of the kilogram comes into force in May 2019! 2018-11-30
Formulations in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators The software of PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX indicators now features 'Formulations' function. 2018-11-29
Implementation of Control System in Spain System of 49 weighing instruments was integrated using the E2R Weighing module. 2018-11-27
ChemShow Eurasia 2018 On 8-10 November 2018, ChemShow Eurasia 2018 took place in Istanbul, Turkey. 2018-11-23
RADWAG as a sponsor of the 'Effective Sales Support Techniques' Conference On the occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week, on 14 November 2018, the 'Effective Sales Support Techniques' Conference took place in Radom. 2018-11-23
Training for Distributors from Southern Spain Lectures and workshops on issues related to RADWAG products and functional metrology. 2018-11-23
RCloud RCloud is a RADWAG service that enables access to results stored in a cloud. 2018-11-19
Analytica China 2018 9th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Diagnostics. 2018-11-09
Distributors Meeting in China On 28-29 October 2018, an annual RADWAG distributors meeting for local dealers took place in Suzhou, China. 2018-11-08
Agrena 2018 On 25-27 October 2018, our representative for the Egyptian market, El-Safwa Est., participated in the Agrena 2018 trade fair that took place in Cairo. 2018-11-07
RADWAG Print Studio The main advantage of RADWAG Print Studio is the possibility to share multiple printers and weighing instruments within a local network. 2018-11-07
Analytical Seminar MS Spektrum 2018 On 24-26 October, 2018, a seminar for laboratory analysts took place in Zakopane, Poland. 2018-11-06
Compliance of E2R Weighing Records with 21 CFR part 11 The system is now expanded with new functions that secure and monitor work carried out by different operators. 2018-11-05
Annual Dealer Meeting 2018 On 16-18 October 2018, RADWAG dealer meeting took place in our headquarters in Radom. 2018-10-23
A new version of the advanced PUE 5 weighing indicator PUE 5 indicator is equipped with new hardware of improved performance 2018-10-09
DWM HPX Checkweigher Reliable operation in extremely harsh conditions. 2018-10-09
POLAGRA-TECH 2018 On 1 - 4 October 2018, RADWAG participated in the International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies POLAGRA-TECH that took place in Poznań. 2018-10-09
PMV 50 Microwave Moisture Analyzer Advanced solution for measurement of moisture content of samples containing significant amount of moisture (8-100%). 2018-10-08
CFIA MAROC Trade Fair for Industry It was a second time when RADWAG's dealer, ELCOWA INDUSTRIE, represented our company at CFIA MAROC. 2018-10-05
RADWAG at MAGHREB PHARMA On 17 - 19 September 2018, the third edition of MAGHREB PHARMA 2018 took place in Algiers. 2018-09-27
Profinet in HY10 Indicator Advanced-class HY10 indicator is now equipped with a new interface for industry applications - Profinet.  2018-09-24
XXIV Symposium of the POLLAB Club This year, issues regarding new PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standard were discussed. 2018-09-21
RADWAG Data Access in HY10 software RDA module enables establishing connection between the weighing instrument and customer system in an uncomplicated way 2018-09-17
Full-Empty and Empty-Full Control in 3Y/4Y Balances SQC mode for statistical quality control in 3Y/4Y balances now features a new function: full-empty and empty-full control.  2018-09-10
New Precision Balances in RADWAG Product Range RADWAG introduces new high capacity precision balances based on


BLOCK technology.
Smart Select - Product Identification by Mass The new 'Smart Select' function, available for weighing instruments equipped with HY10 indicator, enables product identification by its mass. 2018-08-28
Summer Indian-Pharma Tour On 17-26 July, 2018 RADWAG, together with LCGC company, visited 14 different pharmaceutical companies. 2018-08-28
PROFIBUS in IM01.EX Communication Module The IM01.EX-* module can now be equipped with PROFIBUS interface for industrial applications. 2018-08-24
Integration of E2R and SAP RADWAG designs and implements IT solutions enabling automation of communication between weighing systems operating on the basis of E2R and SAP software. 2018-08-14
DWM HPE Labelling Checkweigher For the food industry where there is a need to mark packaged products of variable masses. 2018-08-01
Dosing in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators DOSING - new working mode of PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX indicators 2018-07-31
Granulate Density Determination Kit RADWAG introduces granulate density determination kit 2018-07-26
A Visit to Sri Lanka On 9-13 July, 2018 RADWAG representatives visited Sri Lanka. 2018-07-19
Pre-Packaged Goods Control - software update The modification has been implemented in all PGC weighing instruments and E2R PGC software. 2018-07-13
Labelling in PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX Indicators The software of PUE C32 and PUE HX5.EX indicators now features 'Labelling' option. 2018-07-12
RADWAG in Australia On 18-28 June, 2018, RADWAG representatives visited Australia to present laboratory balances and industry scales. 2018-07-10
Gravitational Liquid Dosing One of the standard functions of modern weighing indicator is dosing, i.e. the control over filling of the packaging with a product.  2018-07-06
New WPT/4N/H.LD 4 Load Cell Ramp Scale RADWAG introduces a new series of WPT/4N/H.LD ramp scales. 2018-07-06
Audit Trail Reader Freeware Audit Trail Reader is a RADWAG-designed software supporting Audit Trail function that is available for 3Y, 4Y, HY10, WLY, WPY series weighing instruments. 2018-07-04
BRIA Conference in Wroclaw RADWAG as a sponsor of Biotechnology Conference: Research and Industrial Applications 2018-06-29
'Workflow' - New Function of E2R System E2R software for industry has been updated with a new function - 'Workflow'. 2018-06-21
KonTeCh 2018 RADWAG as a sponsor of the Nationwide Conference of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 2018-06-19
Fire Brigade Visit in RADWAG Balances and Scales Headquarters Fire brigade inspections take place in our new headquarters at Toruńska 5, Radom. 2018-06-14
'Automation of Weighing Processes in Industry' – June 8th, 2018 Guests from various industries had the opportunity to learn about the possibilities offered by the cutting-edge weighing technology implemented on production lines. 2018-06-13
MAS.1 Weighing Module with Readability of d = 0.01 mg MAS.1 is a brand new design of an electromagnetic mechanism. 2018-06-13
'Automation of Weighing Processes in Laboratory' - RADWAG seminar The recent seminar organised in RADWAG headquarters gathered over 50 representatives of pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, the Central Office of Measures and other public authorities. 2018-06-12
Graphs in X2 Moisture Analyzers

New software of MA X2.A and MA X2.IC.A moisture analyzers enables presenting a graph with drying results directly on a moisture analyzer screen.

THBR 2.0 System – Ambient Conditions Monitoring

THBR 2.0 system enables record, storage and presentation of parameters such as temperature, pressure, air humidity, air density and vibrations.

New Automatic Feeder

PA-04/H automatic vibrating feeder is intended for automatic dispensing of small objects: pills, capsules and small mechanical components. 

Visitors from South Korea in RADWAG Headquarters Hansung, RADWAG exclusive dealer for Korean market, visited our headquarters in a company of delegation from South Korea. 2018-05-16
RADWAG as an organizer of the international conference - 'Solutions for Pharma' The representatives of the biggest pharmaceutical companies from Poland and the world (Turkey, Korea, Russia, Colombia and United Arab Emirates) met in our headquarters in Radom. 2018-05-14
IM01.EX Communication Module

With use of IM01.EX communication module it is possible to expand communication interfaces range of the PUE HX5.EX indicator intended for hazardous areas.

„Shock Detection” - New Function of 4Y and X2 Balances
4Y and X2 series of laboratory balances have been equipped with a new function, 'Shock Detection'.
Seminar for Pharmacy, Mumbai – 26 April 2018 Nearly 100 representatives of Indian pharmaceutical companies operating globally participated in the seminar. 2018-04-28
Analitika Expo 2018 On 24 – 26 April 2018, THNL (TEHNOLAB BALTIC UAB), the official dealer of RADWAG in Russian Federation, had a pleasure to participate in the 16th edition of Analitika Expo in Moscow. 2018-04-27
CISILE in Beijing During international CISILE trade fair that took place in Beijing RADWAG and PEKE presented our offer intended for laboratories. 2018-04-25
RADWAG as a Supporter of Education in Radom Our company is actively engaged in project of the following name: "Students of Technical School of Electronics as Inventors of Electric Car Powered by Solar Energy". 2018-04-24
AVK-1000 Automatic vacuum mass comparator

New vacuum mass comparator enables comparison of up to 6 artefacts with readability of d = 0.1 µg. 

CAFMET 2018 Conference and FORUMESURE Exhibition It was a great opportunity to exchange information, ideas or experiences and to speak during discussions open to public. 2018-04-23
Korea Lab 2018 On 17 - 20 April 2018, the biggest trade fair for laboratory equipment took place in Seoul. 2018-04-23
Interweighing China 18 – 20 April 2018 Together with PEKE, our dealer, we presented solutions for laboratory and industry. 2018-04-22
AXA11 Automatic pipettes calibration adapter

AXA11 automatic pipettes calibration adapter enables calibration and/or testing of piston pipettes.

Antistatic ionizer

Antistatic ionizer is a device that removes excess of ions, both positive (cations) and negative (anions), from the sample, weighing device's components and the environment.

PS 3000 - highly precise measurement of up to 3 kg load

RADWAG has expanded professional and advanced precision balances with two new models: PS 3000.3Y and PS 3000.X2. 

System for Lifting the Platform up

The new system facilitates safe lifting of the platform up while cleaning the scale.

DJAZAGRO 2018 On 9 - 12 April 2018, the biggest local trade fair for food industry took place in Algeria. 2018-04-19
MESUREXPO 2018 On 9 - 12 April 2018, the second edition of MESUREXPO, a trade show intended for measuring equipment suppliers, was organised in Algeria. 2018-04-19
RADWAG as a „Friend of Wrocław ZOO 2018” On 12th April 2018, Ist gala, where „Friend of Wrocław ZOO” statuettes were awarded, took place in Wrocław Afrykarium. 2018-04-19
RADWAG at analytica 2018 Trade Fair in Munich On 10 – 13 April 2018, RADWAG had a pleasure to participate in 26th edition of analytica, an international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology held in Munich. 2018-04-17
New system allowing lifting the platform up, useful for maintenance purposes LD4N is intended mainly for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. 2018-04-13
RADWAG Mass Comparator in Central Office of Measures in Warsaw On 27 – 30 March 2018, the first in Poland RADWAG-manufactured AVK-1000 automatic vacuum mass comparator was installed in Central Office of Measures in Warsaw. 2018-04-05
Argentina and Chile – workshops for RADWAG distributors On 12 – 23 March 2018 RADWAG Balances and Scales organised workshops for local distributors from Argentina and Chile. The workshops took place in Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. 2018-04-04
ANUGA FOOD TEC 2018 On 20-23 March, RADWAG Balances and Scales participated in the international Anuga Food Tec trade fair for food industry that took place in Cologne. 2018-04-03
RADWAG Dubai Training Days 2018 On 20-22 March, 2018, training for RADWAG distributors was organised, the event took place in Dubai. 2018-03-29
New Automatic Adapter for Pipettes Calibration View a movie presenting the operation of new automatic adapter for pipettes calibration. 2018-03-28
CFIA Rennes 2018 Together with ELCOWA, our trading partner, we presented RADWAG-manufactured products for industry solutions. 2018-03-26
Compliance of RADWAG weighing instruments with 21 CFR part 11 RADWAG balances are compliant with regulation 21 CFR Part 11 and with EU GMP Volume 4, Annex 11. 2018-03-23
Business Meeting of RADWAG Sales Representatives The main goal of the meeting was to present new products and technologies, as well as a plan for 2018. 2018-03-22
RADWAG at EuroLab 2018 On 14 - 16 March 2018 RADWAG Balances and Scales participated 20th, anniversary edition of International Trade Fair of Analytical Measurement and Control Technology - the EuroLab 2018. 2018-03-20
Distributors Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey On 2 March 2018 in Turkey, the conference of Baykon distributors (RADWAG's representative for the Turkish market) took place. 2018-03-13
RADWAG at Pittcon 2018 On 26th February-1st March 2018 RADWAG Balances and Scales, as the only Polish manufacturer of weighing equipment, participated in the international Pittcon 2018 exhibition in Orlando, Florida. 2018-03-08
The Latest RADWAG Balances and Scales Presentation The Latest presentation of RADWAG Balances and Scales concerning our company's process approach. 2018-03-08
Antistatic ionizer – balance of positive and negative ions Antistatic ionizer is used to remove excess of positive and negative ions from the load, balance and the environment. 2018-03-05
Asia Pharma Expo 2018 On 8-11 February 2018, in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, the 10th Asia Pharma Expo trade fair for South Asian pharmaceutical industry took place. 2018-02-21
Canteen Space for Employees A canteen for employees is now opened in the new headquarters. 2018-02-20
Audit Trail - New Function of HY10 and PUE 7.1 Indicators Audit Trail is a new function of HY10 and PUE 7.1 indicators. Due to this function, weighing instruments operated via HY10 and PUE 7.1 indicators are compliant with CFR 21 Part 11. 2018-02-14
Measurement of Weights Magnetization

RADWAG-manufactured susceptometer enables carrying out measurements of magnetic susceptibility and magnetization of weights.


New headquarters of Radwag Balances and Scales We are happy to announce that RADWAG Balances and Scales has moved its operation to the new headquarters at Toruńska 5, Radom. 2018-02-02
Unsophisticated assembly and disassembly of the weighing chamber. Microbalances of MYA 4Y and MYA 4Y.P series, and UYA 4Y ultra-microbalances, have been equipped with an advanced weighing chamber that can be completely disassembled. 2018-01-17
Verification of PM 10 Precision Balances The PM series precision balances of 10 kg capacity have been verified for conformity with law regulations enforced by EU directives. 2018-01-02
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