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MW-04-3 Mass Converter

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MW-04-3 Mass Converter in Weighing Modules
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MW-04-3 Mass Converter
Product code: WX-016-0037
The MW-04-3 mass converter is designed to be a component of construction of an industrial load cell scale. Depending on the needs, communication can be established via RS232, Profibus DP. The MW-04-3... More ››
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The MW-04-3 mass converter is designed to be a component of construction of an industrial load cell scale. Depending on the needs, communication can be established via RS232, Profibus DP. The MW-04-3 mass converter can connect with weighing indicators or the PC. It is equipped with Inputs/Outputs enabling independent control of some industrial processes, e.g.: dosing. One MW-04-3 mass converter allows to operate up to 4 weighing platforms.

The converter is housed in a metal casing. Signal cables of the weighing platforms (4 pcs maximum) are fed through cable glands. RS232 is available on the M12 8P connector, Profibus DP may be fed through the PG11 cable gland. The device is equipped with an in-built power supply, this allows to power it directly from the mains.
By standard the MW-04-3 mass converter supports 2 weighing platforms, optionally it can support 4.

Area of use:
  • Industrial load cell scales;
  • Complex weighing systems supervised by computer system thanks to use of the Ethernet module;
  • Connecting numerous weighing platforms to an industrial indicator;
  • Dosing systems;
  • Silo weighing;
  • Discrete weighing (no weighing indicator) on a production line;
  • Weighing in place with limited access, where instant readout of mass is not required, just record of weighings;
  • Large embedded scales, where the converter is installed under the scale;
  • Simple systems for chackweighing and result control
  • Communication with the automation system due to an implemented MODBUS communication protocol.
Indicator Software Functions:
  • Designing formulas and dosing processes directly on the weighing indicator,
  • Dosing and formulations (manual and automatic),
  • Configuration of communication between formula making scales and actuators,
  • Carrying out dosing and formulations on numerous platforms,
  • Placing production orders for formulation (refers to PUE 5) with batches where the following is set: multiplier (quantity of formulation repetitions), source and target warehouse, user, scale.
"Formulations" software makes use of the weighing indicators functionality to the maximum when it comes to their operation along with actuators, e.g. control of dosing valves. Additional advantage is the possibility to set an interrelated ingredient dosing on various platforms within one formulation process.

Formulations and Dosing in the Industry:
Industrial weighing indicators are designed on the basis of an innovative approach to formulation and dosing processes. Communication between the indicators and the modern MW-04 mass converters boosts the functionality of systems that realise both dosing and formulations. Communication interfaces enable placing the weighing platform and the indicator in a considerable distance one from another.

Formulation process carried out using RADWAG indicators is highly popular in various areas of industry, the indicators enable either manual or automatic dispensing of many ingredients in accordance with a pre-defined formulation. Practically any product can be a formulation ingredient, either it is a loose material such as sugar, tea, grain, spices, powders etc. or liquid, this is possible thanks to appropriate automation.

Compatibility with:
  • PUE 5 Indicator;
  • PUE 7.1 Indicator;
  • PUE HY10 Indicator;
  • PC.
Protection class

IP 65


Additional weighing platform module

max. 4 pcs (metrological parameters as in the main weighing platform)


Multiple range



Communication interface



4I/4O module



Power supply

100 — 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz


Power consumption max.

25 W


Maximum quantity of divisions from converter

838 860 ×10


Maximum increase of signal

19.5 mV


Minimum volatge per verification unit

0.4 µV


Minimum load cell impedance

80 Ω


Maximum load cell impedance

1200 Ω


Load cell excitation voltage



Connection of load cells

4 or 6 wires + shield


Operating temperature

-10 — +40





Max number of platforms

2 (max 4)


Data Sheet

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User Manuals
User Manual - TWM4 scales


(1.42 MB)
Software Manual - PROFIBUS communication protocol MW-04


(0.74 MB)
User Manual - MW-04


(1.75 MB)
Software Manual - MODBUS RTU/TCP communication protocol of MW-04


(0.90 MB)
Software Manual - CBCP 05


(0.88 MB)
Conformity Declarations
Conformity Declaration


(0.04 MB)

Plik GSD Profibus (1.321 KB)


MwManager (83.03 MB)

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