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Pipette automatique 2 μl ÷ 20 μl - RW8-102-20-9

Pipette automatique 2 μl ÷ 20 μl - RADWAG Balances Électroniques est l'un des principaux fabricants de balances électroniques, de comparateurs de masse et d'accessoires pour de nombreuses industries.
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Code produit: PA-203-0002
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RADWAG pipettes are modern measuring equipment designed and manufactured in accordance with strict standards concerning manufacturing cleanliness and biodegradability of the product.
The pipettes represent a new line of the 'liquid handling' product group, designed to quickly measure and transport liquids of small volume. They are characterized by high dosing accuracy and ergonomic, solid design. The pipette mechanism ensures exceptional accuracy and repeatability with reduced pressure on the pipetting button.
All the pipettes are inspected for the conformity with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 8655 standard for dosing accuracy and repeatability. Each pipette is delivered with a test report featuring measurements results. The enclosed user manual contains a description of the pipetting techniques as well as verification and adjustment procedures that can be carried out by the user.
Calibration certificates, issued by the accredited calibration laboratory are available on request.

  • Large and readable display that is fully visible during pipetting;
  • Innovative soft grip preventing heat transfer to the pipette inside;
  • Low pressure required to use the pipette reduces the risk of RSI;
  • Simple click mechanism for changing the pipette volume;
  • Option of autoclaving the whole pipette (disassembling not required). Recommended autoclaving process: 15 minutes at 121°C temperature, 1.05 bar pressure;
  • Tip ejector collar is made of PVDF which has a high chemical resistance (also at high temperatures) and low susceptibility to microorganisms expansion;
  • Ultra UV resistance;
  • Convenient button for changing the tips;
  • Compatible with most of the tips available on the market.

Paramètres Techniques


2 μl ÷ 20 μl


Erreur de précision

3,0% / 0,9%


Erreur de répétabilité

2,0% / 0,4%



300 μl



Documentation technique
Publications et Matériaux Pédagogiques
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Dimension du plateau
Précision de lecture
Capacité maximale [Max]
Nom De Produit

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