XA 4Y.M and XA 4Y.M.A Microbalances

'Fast or accurate measurement?'. This is a frequent question when it comes to weighing samples during laboratory analyses. The compromise would be to combine both criteria, i.e. weighing fast and accurately. However, the external factors, such as: air drafts, dust, vibrations - all of them generate disturbances that influence the final result of a measurement. 
UYA 2.4Y microbalances feature numerous innovative solutions and functionalities:
  • Combined weighing pan shields eliminate disturbances caused by air drafts
  • New door opening automatics
    • assures smooth opening and closing of the door without generating vibrations that may interfere the measurement,  
    • enables to define door opening angle
    • quiet operation    
  • Vibrations sensor informs the operator about the vibration level during weighing, it enables eliminating accidental error caused by ground vibrations.
New function of 'Defined profiles' is a step ahead towards adjusting the weighing instrument parameters to the operator's requirements. This solution enables automatic balance parameters customization. You can select the following profiles:
  • FAST – the measurement result is obtained in a very short time
  • FAST DOSING – the balance quickly reacts to mass changes, especially useful for dosing or adding more mass to the dispensed portion
  • PRECISION – precise measurement
  • USER – customization of the parameters in accordance with operator's requirements.
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