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7 November 2018
Innovative Weighing Systems in Industry
The webinar is addressed to experienced people working in the weighing industry: technical advisers and sales representatives, service technicians, maintenance department workers, engineers and employees of those companies where production processes require use of industry scales, and all those who are interested in industrial weighing solutions.
The aim:
Spread and systematization of knowledge of modern industrial devices and weighing systems, discussion on the latest solutions.
Issues to be discussed:
1Construction of modern weighing device intended for industry (Introduction)
• Key features of a modern weighing indicator, presentation based on the HY10 device.
• Physical features qualifying the device for use in particular ambient conditions, presentation based on comparison of HY10 and PUE 7.1 indicators.
• ATEX Indicators
• Basic and advanced communication interfaces
• Communication with peripheral devices
• Software of modern industrial indicators
    - Basic working modes
    - Dosing, Parts Counting, Labelling
    - Working modes and advanced functions
    - Smart Select, Workflow, Formulations
    - Process automation
    - Data safety
    - Integration with external IT systems
    - Integration with external systems of automated control
    - Communication with analog and digital weighing platforms –multiple platforms in operation (possibilities and advantages)
3Directions of development – RDA, RCloud
• Presentation of crucial parameters that are characteristic for modern weighing platforms, based on Radwag catalogue.
• The new weighing platform technology
    - Standard class – strain gauge
    - Advanced class – HRP (platforms based on electromagnetic modules)
• The right platform selection - what to consider, what accessories to choose (lifting device, pit frame, etc.)  
5Directions of development
6Examples of implementation
7Wrap-Up and Q&A

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