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14 November 2018
XA.4Y.M.A.I Microbalance - The Most Advanced Measuring Device Intended for the Smallest Mass Loads, Accordant with 21 CFR Part 11.
The aim:
The participants will learn about wide functionality of the latest laboratory solution – presentation based on RADWAG microbalance, the XA.4Y.M.
Issues to be discussed:
1The microbalance construction.
2Weighing workroom, influence of ambient conditions on the weighing process.
3Communication interfaces of the most advanced laboratory balance.
4Communication with peripheral devices; accessories.
5Functionality of the XA.4Y.M series microbalance:
• Access management
    - Administrator panel
    - Permission levels
• The new microbalance ergonomics:
    - Mobility – wireless indicator
    - Automatically opened weighing chamber
    - Touchscreen with IR sensors
    - Electronic levelling device
• Basic and advanced working modes - the characteristics in brief
• Databases – possibilities
• Standard and non-standard printouts.
6Minimum Sample Weight in the XA.4Y.M series balance.
721 CFR part 11 – the first balance all over the world accordant with the US FDA regulations.
8An internal ambient conditions module – the specification.
9Compensation of plus and minus ions on the sample - intended use of the internal ioniser.
10PC software.
11The end: Q & A.

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