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Seminar in Quito

On 12-15 June, RADWAG participated in a seminar organized by local distributors - Labdin and Tecnipeso in Ecuador's capital - Quito. The seminar gathered distributors of Labdin and Tecnipeso and their customers. They had the opportunity to get familiar with RADWAG history, achievements and key products. Weighing instruments and moisture analyzers of X2 and 4Y series and PUE HY10, PUE C32, PUE 5 weighing terminals were the most popular.
In the practical part of the seminar that took place after the presentation, the visitors had the opportunity to try the above equipment in terms of its operation and possibilities.
RADWAG representatives also visited the headquarters of the University of the Armed Forces ESPE (UNIVERSIDAD DE LAS FUERZAS ARMADAS - ESPE.) where they presented the latest models of microbalances and analytical balances and familiarized the participants with RADWAG business and development plans for the following years.


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