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RADWAG expert presents the hi-tech features of the AVK-1000 vacuum mass comparator

Watch a video which shows how Michał Solecki, RADWAG Product Manager for mass comparators, demonstrates the most important functions and features of the automatic vacuum mass comparator, the AVK-1000.

The AVK-1000 measures weight value of mass standards and silicone spheres of 100 mm diameter maximum either in vacuum or in noble gases. It enables comparison of up to 6 prototypes of max 1kg mass. The repeatability of the process is 0.3 µg (*) and readability d = 0.1 µg . The device is equipped with a LOAD LOCK system for transfer of mass standards. The system enables switching and adding artefacts without changing the atmosphere inside the main chamber.

For more detailed information regarding the AVK-1000 vacuum mass comparator click »

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