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R Series Balances

The R series represents a new standard level for analytical balances. It features a new, legible LCD display which allows a clearer presentation of the weighing result. The display has a new text information line allowing to show additional messages and data, e.g. product name, operator name  or tare value, etc. A real novelty of R series are pictograms signalling current operating mode, connection with a computer, the battery charge, service or balance functions.

Mass measurement may be performed either in one of 17 predefined units or in 2 units freely defined by a user. The R series balance is equipped with an open work weighing pan thus resulting in elimination of air influence on the measurement.

R series balance features several communication interfaces: RS 232, type A USB, type B USB and optional WiFi.

A completely new menu structure has been designed for R series balance. The menu allows to register data in the following databases:

  • users (up to 10 users),
  • products (up to 1000 products),
  • weighments (up to 5000 weighments),
  • tares (up to 100 tares),
  • ALIBI memory (up to 100 000 weighments).

There is two-direction data exchange within the system thanks to a quick USB interface. New balances allow to import and export databases using USB pen drives.

The balance comprises 2 buttons enabling easy access to DataBase and Functions. Additionally it is equipped with 4 programmable function keys F1-F4. The function keys can perform different operations for each mode:

  • header printout,
  • tare editing,
  • footer printout,
  • product selection.
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