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New Year’s wishes Best wishes for upcoming 2022! 2021-12-31
Merry Christmas This is what we wish you for the forthcoming Christmas. 2021-12-22
ARABLAB 2021 The most advanced devices manufactured by RADWAG were presented at the international ARABLAB 2021 fair, which took place on 15-17 November 2021 in Dubai. 2021-11-29
SQC Module Now Available for X2 Series Balances

SQC (Statistical Quality Control) – statistical module, used to control the weight of different samples at fixed weighing tolerances.

Prod & Pack 2021 On 16-18 November 2021, the Prod & Pack exhibition took place in Lyon. RADWAG was represented by our distributor in France – ELCOWA. 2021-11-22
Farmaforum 2021 On 03rd-04th November 2021, an international trade fair, “Farmaforum”, took place in Madrid. RADWAG had the pleasure to participate in this event. 2021-11-16
FORUM LABO 2021 On 5-7 October 2021, RADWAG participated in FORUM LABO 2021, the annual international trade fair intended for laboratory industry. The event took place in Paris, France. 2021-10-25
Physics Lesson with RADWAG RADWAG organized a physics lesson for 7th grade students of the Integrated Public Elementary School No. 14 in Radom. 2021-10-21
IX International Congress on Combustion Engines in Lublin On 27-28 September 2021, the 9th edition of the International Congress on Combustion Engines took place in Lublin. RADWAG had the pleasure to participate in this event. 2021-10-19
Novelty in RADWAG Product Range: Set of Holders for Microscale Glassware

The new accessory by RADWAG increases ergonomics and stabilizes measurement conditions in the weighing chamber.

The HY10 Terminal Can Now Be Programmed in JavaScript

The HY10 weighing terminal manufactured by RADWAG has been adapted to implement JavaScript code.

PHARMATECH COSMETECH 2021 On 14-16 September 2021, the annual „PHARMATECH COSMETECH” trade fair for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry took place in Chartres. RADWAG had the pleasure to participate in this event. 2021-09-22
Measurement World 2021 On 07-09 September 2021, RADWAG participated in the "Measurement World" metrology trade fair that took place in Lyon, France. 2021-09-10
RMCM-5 and RMCM-100 – Compact Design of Robotic Mass Comparators

Combination of a mass comparator and a robotic transport system in two versions available in RADWAG product range.

PUE H315 – New Weighing Terminal in RADWAG Product Range

A robust weighing terminal for the toughest industrial applications is now available.

RMC 100.1 and RMC 1000.1 – New Models of the Robotic Mass Comparator

World's first combination of an automatic mass comparator and a robotic transport system.

NANO.AK-4/500 Nano-Comparator, Article Written by RADWAG Experts The prestigious publishing house, Elsevier, has published a scholarly article on the automatic nano-comparator manufactured by RADWAG. 2021-08-18
Serbian language in 4Y balances from now on A new facility in RADWAG weighing instruments. 2021-08-13
New balances compliant with 21 CFR Part 11

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Module in AS X2 PLUS and PS X2 balances.

PMV 50 PLUS Moisture Analyzer - Application in Sewage Treatment Plants Why is microwave drying the optimal solution for sewage treatment plants? 2021-06-21
HY10.10.HRP and PUE7.1.10.HRP – industry scales featuring half a million divisions

New devices of unmatched accuracy in RADWAG product range of high resolution scales.

New: RADWAG Stent Weighing Balances

How do the automatic balance, the microbalance and the ultra-microbalance for stents work? 

Suspended Self-Centring Weighing Pan

Suspended Self-Centring Weighing Pan.

The AK Robot and Two-Position Comparator In One

How do the new RMC 100.1 and RMC 1000.1 robotic mass comparators work?

RADWAG on GitHub

GitHub is a platform where you will find a collection of codes to customise our programs to your needs.

New Approach in Mass Comparators Webinar for French-Speaking Distributors of RADWAG. 2021-05-21
Radwag-Mass Node-RED Connector

Mass readout from RADWAG balances and scales in Node-RED environment

PMV 50 PLUS Microwave Moisture Analyzer

The fastest and very accurate method of water content determination.

RADWAG Dealer Meeting Webinar summarizing current cooperation and presenting plans for 2021. 2021-03-18
Increase Your Comfort of Filter Weighing New automatic filter weighing chamber 2021-03-03
LabVIEW Driver RADWAG programmers have developed LabVIEW "Radwag Balances & Scales" driver. 2021-02-12
Research on PM Particulate Matter Using Gravimetric Method and the RB 2.4Y.F We invite you to read the publication. 2021-02-12
Visit Our Representative Office in France Visit RADWAG FRANCE in Cholet 2021-01-29
The NANO.AK-4/500 NANOcomparator - a breakthrough in the comparison of mass standards Now you can calibrate mass standards much smaller than those described in the OIML! 2021-01-25
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