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Micro Scale Measurement

Guidelines on optimization of measurement process wherein light weights are measured with the highest resolution - new RADWAG publication.
"Satisfying results do not depend on the construction exclusively, the ambient conditions and used methods are of the great importance here as well. The users practically do not notice any problems while using low resolution balances (< 2 000 000 d). In contrast, for measurement performed by means of high resolution equipment, it happens that user expectations collide reality, i.e. not good enough measuring capacity possible to be achieved for particular ambient conditions. Being able to understand the mechanism and processes occurring in-course of measurement, is a key factor allowing to analyse and design such weighing systems and methods that may satisfy even the most demanding requirements."
The publication covers areas such as:
- Installation at the workstation,
- Usage precautions,
- The best measuring capacity,
- Ambient conditions effect,
- Optimization as a balanced process,
- SOP: monitoring of metrologically important parameters,
- Diagnostics measures,
- Weighing applications,
- Conformity with regulations.
Micro Scale Measurement

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