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Metrology Symposium: Traceability in Mass Metrology

On 6-7 March 2019, an international Metrology Symposium took place in RADWAG headquarters, "Traceability in Mass Metrology. Second Edition: Future and New Solutions". The hosts of this event held under the auspices of the Central Office of Measures, Warsaw, were ČMI Czech and RADWAG Wagi Elektroniczne.

We had a pleasure to guest a hundred representatives of national metrological institutes from 31 countries, among them Germany, France, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the USA, Russia, Mexico, India, Israel. 

The aim of the symposium was to educate and exchange information regarding today’s mass calibration technologies, and to advice on planning future modern mass laboratories. On the first day the participants took part in lectures and a discussion panel. RADWAG experts and world experts from ČMI CZECH, GUM Poland, BIPM, PTB GERMANY, METAS Switzerland, LNE France, UME Turkey, NPL UK, NIST USA, NPL India, HAFNER Germany gave their presentations. The second day was the day of workshops. 

The main subject of the symposium was the redefinition of the kilogram and the influence of the new approach to the fundamental mass unit on both science and technology. During the symposium issues regarding the latest technology solutions were discussed, also methods for mass standards comparison, vacuum comparison, mass standards magnetism tests, mas standards volume and density tests, pipettes calibration, and ambient conditions monitoring were presented.

The guests had a chance to watch and get familiar with the most advanced equipment intended for mass standards comparison, i.e. robotic, vacuum and automatic mass comparators and susceptometers.

We would like to express the heartfelt thanks to all our guests for their engagement, stimulating in-depth conversations, active participation in panel discussion and keen interest in the practical part. We hope to meet you again during the next Metrology Symposium editions.


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