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Label Editor

In response to our customers expectations, we would like to present short videos providing the users with guidelines on how to operate the Label Editor R02.

Label Editor R02 is a software for creating labels, it is to be used with scales based on terminals PUE C41H, PUE 5.15, PUE 5.19, PUE 7.1 and HY10 series.
Find out what the presented videos are about:
1. Label Editor R02 - Installation
Installation of both Label Editor program and printer drivers; program start-up.
2. Label Editor R02 - Introduction
Brief summary of pictograms displayed in "File", "Edit", and "Configuration" tabs.
3. Label Editor R02 - Label design
Basic information concerning creation of a new label; overview of "New project" tab (label name and dimensions, printer type, balance/scale type), overview of pictograms displayed in "Basic" menu - inserting label components: barcode, drawing, permanent text, variables and tables.
4. Process of product label creation with use of Label Editor; adding a new product on the scale, and assigning it with a label.
4.1. Adding a new product on a scale equipped with HY10 terminal.
Procedure of adding a new product; entering product parameters: mass, min, max, price, currency, list of product components.
4.2. Entering values from nutrition table to product record on a scale.
Process of entering respective nutrition values that are next to be printed on a product label.
4.3. Designing product label.
Process of designng a new label; insering: company logo and name, product barcode (EAN-13), texts with variables (product name, mass, price, list of product ingredients featuring allergens displyed in bold), and a table with nutrition values.
4.4. Exporting product label from Label Editor to HY10 terminal.
Process of sending the created label design to a selected balance/scale via Wi-Fi®/Ethernet network.
4.5. Assigning a label to a product recorded on a scale.
Process of assigning a selected label to a balance/scale-stored product.
4.6. Export of fonts and images used for the label design to the printer.
Process of sending fonts and images that are used for the purposes of particular label design, to a respective printer.
5. Sample weighing with sticking the label onto the sample packaging.
Weighing process at the end of which label is printed and stuck onto the product packaging.
6. Functions and Possibilities of Label Editor
Video presenting selected stages of preparation of the balance/scale, for product weighing, and the printer, for printing of the product's label with use of Label Editor R02.

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