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Legal Metrology

Join us for a 1-day training course that will discuss the legal metrology requirements for automatic and non-automatic scales. You will also learn how to check RADWAG balances and scales yourself.


  • 10:00 Warm-up

    1. Legal requirements for CE marking in the EU market.
    2. Legal metrology of balances and scales.
    3. Legal metrology requirements for non-automatic and automatic balances.
    4. Conformity assessment vs. calibration – when does it apply to a measuring instrument?
    5. Supervision of measuring instruments – legal requirements and voluntary procedures.
    6. User verification of the balance – how to do it?
    7. Selection of tests and mass standards when checking the balance.

  • 14:00 Conclusion and Q&A session

  • What you gain?

  • With this training, you will learn about the legal requirements for CE marking in the EU market – and how to meet them.
  • We will guide you step by step through the most important issues of legal metrology of automatic and non-automatic scales.

  • You will understand the difference between conformity assessment and calibration of a measuring instrument.

  • You will learn the legal requirements and voluntary procedures that will enable you to exercise supervision over measuring instruments.

  • You will learn what tests and mass standards will enable you to check your balance.

  • As part of the training you will receive:

    We will provide you with a package of educational materials and tools that you will use on a daily basis:
    We will give each participant a named certificate confirming their participation in the RADWAG classroom training.
    Training materials
    We have prepared for you a package of attractive training materials, RADWAG advertising materials.
    30-minute consultation
    For a period of one month, counting from the date of completion of the training, you have the opportunity to benefit from a 30-minute consultation with our expert.


    Jacek Pilecki

    QMS Plenipotentiary. Head of Quality Control Department. He is a Quality Management System Plenipotentiary and Head of the Quality Control Department. He has been working at RADWAG for 30 years.

    Speaker of many training courses on legal metrology, industrial metrology, supervision of measuring instruments and validation.

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