PUE 7.1.150.HRP High Resolution Scale

PUE 7.1.150.HRP High Resolution Scale view:1

Product code: WP-350-0005


Maximum capacity [Max]: 150kg

Readability [d]: 1g

Professional series of PUE 7.1.HRP high resolution scales is a perfect solution for light industry, especially wherever high accuracy of measurement, precision and repeatability are crucial.

Automatic adjustment performed by means of an internal weight guarantees the highest quality of operation and repeatability of measurement. In comparison to manual adjustment process, the automatic one is both time-saving and convenient.

Standard PUE 7.1.HRP high resolution scales are equipped with the following interfaces: 2×RS232, 2×USB, 1×Ethernet, 4×IN/4×OUT, Wireless Connection.
Data safety and archiving is assured by software dedicated for RADWAG terminals.


  • Brand new design of an electromagnetic mechanism housed in a dustproof and waterproof casing
  • Overload protection
  • An in-built adjustment system equipped with an internal weight
  • High IP rating for the platform - IP67
  • Interfaces: RS 232, USB, Ethernet and customized 4 INs and 4 OUTs for cooperation with peripherals


Maximum capacity [Max] 150 kg
Minimum load 50 g
Readability [d] 1 g
Tare range -150 kg
Repeatability 1,5 g
Linearity ±3 g
Sensitivity drift 2 ppm/ºC in temperature +10 ÷ +40 °C
Stabilization time ~ 3 s
Adjustment internal 
Display 5,7'' (touch screen) 
IP rating construction IP 66/67, terminal IP43 
Housing construction: mild steel, szalka: stainless steel 
Power supply 120 ÷ 240 VAC; 6,5 ÷ 28 VDC / 21W 
Operating temperature +10° ÷ +40 °C
Atmospheric humidity 40% ÷ 80% 
Preload range 30 kg
Weighing pan dimensions 800×600 mm
Device dimensions 360×313×170 mm
Net weight/gross weight 71,5/119 kg
Packaging dimensions 808×600×173 mm
Communication interface 2×RS232, 2×USB, 1×Ethernet, 4×IN/4×OUT, Wireless Connection 


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