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MWMH-Manager en Logiciel
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Code produit: WX-010-0103


MWMH-Manager is designed to enable operation of HRP platforms and


modules of MWSH, MWLH and MWMH series by means of PC comuter. The program facilitates the following:


readout, taring, zeroing, setting filters, internal adjustment, determination of user’s start


and user adjustment. Caution: the app is ready to operate in MS Windows environment only after installing ".NET framework 2.0" add-on, or later versions.

The latest software version:
  • option of adjustement of HRP platforms and MWSH, MWLH and MWMH modules,
  • option of readout of mass from HRP platforms and modules using the computer,
  • option of taring and zeroing HRP platforms and modules using the computer,
  • option of setting


    filters for HRP platforms and modules.


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Compatible avec

Modules MWSH

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Dimension du plateau
Précision de lecture
Capacité maximale [Max]
Nom De Produit

Module de balance MWSH 6000

6000 g

0,01 g

100×100 mm

Modules MWMH
Modules MWLH
Plates-formes pulvérisées HRP
Plates-formes inoxydables HRP.H

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