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SYNERGY LAB Line – Smart Min Weight SYNERGY LAB Line – Removable Weighing Chamber SYNERGY LAB Line – Video about the Reflex Level System SYNERGY LAB Line – PLUS

RADWAG presents SYNERGY LAB, the latest line of top-class balances for the most advanced mass measurements. Innovative solutions guarantee the best precision, repeatability and reliability in various laboratory conditions.

There are two new series: XA 4Y.A PLUS analytical balance with readability of 0.01 mg and XA 4Y.M.A PLUS microbalance with readability of  1 μg.

Reflex Level System
New autolevelling system ensures:
  • Ground tilt test
  • Automatic balance levelling,
  • Control of the correct balance level,
  • Confirmation of correct balance level on adjustment and weighing reports.
Antistatic Weighing Chamber
The influence of electrostatics onto the weighing result has been eliminated due to use of special antistatic coating of the glass panes, and thanks to an in-built ionizer.
Ergonomic Mechanical Design
Latch-type system of weighing chamber components fastening allows fast and easy tool-free assembly/disassembly.
Smart system of pressures equalization
guarantees stable measurement. It eliminates errors generated by rapid change of pressure inside the weighing chamber.
Additional lighting of the weighing pan
A real novelty is an option of lighting the weighing pan up using a LED diode, the diode does not affect the weighing chamber temperature
Smart Min Weight
With use of the "Smart Min Weight" function, the PLUS series automatically adjusts resolution of the range to the currently weighed mass. This results with improvement of the minimum sample weight parameter by 30%.
21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Module
PLUS series is compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and EU GMP part 4, annex 11. This means that the XA 4Y series features numerous functions for protecting and monitoring work results of particular operators.
Warnings System
When the sensors for constant monitoring of ambient conditions and level status record deviations, the balance displays warnings about potential errors occurrence during weighing.

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