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Validation of weighing equipment

Following the Good Manufacturing Practice rules it must be proved that using the same materials and equipment guarantees manufacturing products of the same quality. Validation of equipment is a recommended and effective way to meet any procedural requirements.
Radwag company as a renowned manufacturer of balances and scales offers validation of the weighing equipment. The offer is mainly intended for pharmaceutical industry clients. Within the scope of the offer there is documentation preparation and RADWAG representative assistance while performing the particular steps of the process, ie.:
Instalation Qualification (IQ) - a process during which it is controlled whether the balances/scales and weighing systems have been installed in compliance with the clients demands and the manufacturers documentation. The documentation is examined as well.
Operational - Performance Qualification (OQ - PQ) - a process during which efficiency of a balance/scales or weighing system is controlled and checked in terms of correct operation according to declared specification and adopted criteria for acceptance.

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