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The latest line of RMC robotic mass comparators guarantees full automation of mass standards calibration ranging from 1 mg to 1 kg. The device ensures the highest repeatability of measurements carried out with the readability of d=0.1 µg.

The RMC mass comparator is equipped with two magazines, 100-position one and additional 2-position magazine enabling dissemination of the mass standard into maximum 3 mass standards (e.g. 50 g mass standard can be disseminated into 3 mass standards of 20 g, 20 g and 10 g). Locating additional magazine near mass comparator weighing pan significantly shortens the calibration process.

The mass comparator is equipped with ambient conditions sensors ensuring very high accuracy of the measurement: 0.001 hPa pressure, 0.01 % humidity and 0.001 °C temperature.

Dedicated software facilitates preparation of calibration plan and magazine loading, it also provides clear record of measurement results and ambient condition indications.
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