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C315.O Personal ScaleC315.OW Personal ScaleBaby ScalesChair ScalesC315.4B Bed ScaleC315.8B Ramps Bed Scale
Personal Scales Readability [d]: 20g - 100g
Maximum capacity [Max]: 60kg - 200kg
Medical device Internal battery ALIBI Memory

Personal Scales

Accurate and reliable weighing of patients in healthcare facilities
Personal Scale

Accurate mass measurement

Readability [d]: 20g - 100g
Maximum capacity [Max]: 60kg - 200kg
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Personal Scale

Accurate mass measurement With height meter – height measurement up to 2 m BMI determination (Body Mass Index)

Readability [d]: 20g - 100g
Maximum capacity [Max]: 60kg - 200kg
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Baby Scales Readability [d]: 2g - 10g
Maximum capacity [Max]: 6kg - 20kg
Medical device Internal battery Well-shaped weighing pan guarantees stable and safe measurement ALIBI Memory View Ask a question
Chair Scales Readability [d]: 100g
Maximum capacity [Max]: 250kg
Medical device Comfortable weighing of patients who take sitting position Casters facilitating easy transport of the scale ALIBI Memory View Ask a question
Bed Scales Readability [d]: 100g - 200g
Maximum capacity [Max]: 300kg - 500kg
Medical device Internal battery ALIBI Memory

Bed Scales

Comfortable weighing of patients who take lying position
Bed Scale

Equipped with a transport cart that also functions as an indicator stand. Four weighing modules under the bed wheels Special jack for lifting the bed wheels

Readability [d]: 200g
Maximum capacity [Max]: 500kg
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Ramps Bed Scale

Intended for any bed regardless of its type and bracket system used. Long weighing platforms – bed mass measurement at any point on the scale Adjustable platform spacing – weighing beds of various dimensions

Readability [d]: 100g
Maximum capacity [Max]: 300kg
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