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New automatic pipettes

The new series of Radwag automatic pipettes guarantees exceptional precision, accuracy and results repeatability. It also offers maximum comfort of operation which is an effect of slight force needed to push the pipetting button.

Due to an innovative piston mechanism design, operating the pipette does not require great effort. Pipette operation has never before been so pleasant. Use of slight force for pipetting reduces the risk of wrist injuries and boosts comfort of operation.
High quality material makes Radwag pipettes resistant to physical and chemical factors. Pipette tip ejector collar, as a part that is exposed to damage most often, has been made of chemically and mechanically resistant material. Pipettes are characterized with extraordinary resistance to UV radiation, and low susceptibility to microorganisms expansion. The pipettes can be autoclaved in one piece without the need to be disassembled. After the process, their metrological parameters remain unchanged.

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