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PUE HX5.EX indicator intended to be operated in hazardous areas and associated facilities (PM01.EX power supply, IM01.EX communication module) have been issued with the IECEx certificate.

This is a voluntary system of certification of products intended for hazardous areas, guaranteeing required safety level.

While ATEX is a mandatory application limited to Europe, IECEx is an international certification accepted in several countries worldwide and allowing to introduce the product onto the market without the need to carry out any additional tests.

The IECEx certificate is presently accepted in some countries, e.g. in Australia and New Zealand, however the reports regarding tests, issued by certifying bodies allow to obtain locally acceptable certificates and to introduce the product onto the market without the necessity to perform any additional tests. Advantage of the IECEx system when compared to ATEX is the limited cost of tests and certification plus shorter period of time for production of a device intended for the international market.

See the range of RADWAG products intended for operation in hazardous areas.
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