DWM HPS Checkweigher

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DWM HPS Checkweigher
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DWM HPS Checkweigher

Product code: WK-105-000_
Maximum capacity [Max]: 1500 - 6000 g
Readability [d]: 0.5 - 2 g

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DWM HPS Checkweigher
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DWM HPS Checkweigher

Sorting checkweigher for single loads, intended to be used on a sorting line.

The DWM HPS checkweigher has been designed to comply with strict requirements for hygiene and for resistance to ambient conditions that are present on manufacturing lines in plants processing fish and poultry. Universal mechanic design guarantees that the DWM HPS can be adopted to needs of other branches of industry.

Sorting checkweigher of RADWAG production

is a hi-tech weighing device equipped with specialized automatics system providing precise and fast product separation. With electromagnetic weighing module, the DWM checkweigher guarantees high speed and precision of the weighing process. The automatic sorting checkweigher has been designed to provide self-acting product sorting process, wherein the products are separated into several groups varying by weight. Owing to the system functionality, the weighed products can be separated into 12 different weight groups. The system enables rejection of  defective or faulty products. Depending on the used algorithm, the products can be grouped within specified weight or quantity range (the containers can be filled up to determined weigh value or product quantity).
The DWM HPS is a solution carrying out simple operation of sorting and grouping of wide range of products in small and medium-sized companies. It may comprise additional buffering, storing and signaling systems.
The device has been equipped with colour 12’’ touch screen easy to read for any working environment. An in-built self-diagnostic system monitors the DWM HPS operation and reports any detected problems in real time.
Not only standard DWM HPS series is offered, this sorting checkweigher can be manufactured in a customized version suiting any customer needs. Owing to customization unlimited possibilities are provided when it comes to device dimensions and performance.
Used modern industrial dual-core computer guarantees fast data analysis, high weighing throughput, and simultaneously performed connection of scale to  a master computer system.
The DWM HPS checkweigher features dedicated E2R computer system which facilitates real-time preview of scale state, remote databases update, preview of weighings carried out on the scale and remote reports downloading.  The system allows analysis of recorded data, and generating statistics in accordance with self-adopted criteria.
To learn more about DWM HPS sorting checkweigher call: +48 48 38 66 234 or write an e-mail: automaty@radwag.pl
Maximum capacity [Max]

1500 - 6000


Minimum load

20 - 100


Readability [d]

0.5 - 2


Tare range

-1500 - -6000



12” graphic colour touchscreen


Protection class

IP 65



Stainless steel AISI304


Max. dimensions of sorted product [lenght × width]

350×180 - 500×280


Weighing module

electromagnetic weighing module





Pneumatic connector

6 bar, złącze samozaciskowe na przewód 12mm


Communication interface

Ethernet, USB, RS232, I/O


Power supply

100 – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz


Conveyor velocity

1.6 - 1 m/s


Number of separators

6 or 12


Automatic Scales verification
1 year warranty
Precise Packaged Goods Control. DWM Checkweighers by RADWAG
Complete Solutions for Mass Measurement in Pharma Industry
DWM HPS Sorting Checkweigher
Sorting checkweigher for fish industry
货物包装控制-Radwag DWM自动检重秤
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Data Sheet

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DWM HPS Sorting Checkweigher
DWM HPS Sorting Checkweigher
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