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Neujahrswünsche Frohes Neues Jahr 2024. 2023-12-29
Welche Waage für Apotheken? Apothekenwaage von RADWAG – welche wählen und wo kaufen? Oft fragen Sie uns, ob RADWAG eine Apothekenwaage im Angebot hat und welche Apothekenwaage Ihre Anforderungen eentspricht. Nach dem Lesen dieses Artikels werden Sie wissen, welche Funktionen unsere Apothekenwaagen haben, welche Sie wählen sollten und wie Sie diesie kaufen können. 2023-12-22
Weihnachtswünsche Frohe Weihnachten! 2023-12-20
RADWAG in China Again! On December 14-15, we checked in to Changsha where a pharma conference on drug development and quality control was held. 2023-12-15
Wie kann man die Inventur schneller durchführen? Inventur mit Waagen von RADWAG Die Lagerinventur, auch als physische Bestandsaufnahme bekannt, ist ein Routineverfahren, das es Ihnen ermöglicht, den genauen Zustand und die Lage der Bestände in Ihrem Unternehmen genau zu bestimmen. Wenn Sie sich fragen, wie Sie die Inventur schneller durchführen können, ist die Antwort einfach: mit Waagen von RADWAG. 2023-12-07
Geeichte Waagen, aber welche? Geeichte Waagen von RADWAG “Eichung (von Waagen)” ist eine umgangssprachliche Bezeichnung für “Konformitätsbewertung (von Waagen)”. Welche geeichten Waagen bietet RADWAG an? 2023-12-06
Juwelierwaage, also Präzision in der Juwelierkunst Die Juwelierwaage, umgangssprachlich auch als Analysenwaage oder Präzisionswaage bekannt, ist ein unverzichtbares Arbeitsinstrument nicht nur für Juweliere. Sie können Juwelierwaagen im Online-Shop shop.radwagwaagen.de kaufen. 2023-12-06
RADWAG Online-Shop Willkommen in unserem Online-Shop shop.radwagwaagen.de. 2023-12-05
Welche medizinische Waage sollten Sie für die Arztpraxis wählen? Eine medizinische Waage für die Arztpraxis können Sie im RADWAG-Online-Shop www.shop.radwagwaagen.de kaufen. 2023-12-05
InterWeighing in China We proudly presented RADWAG’s products at the world’s largest weighing trade fair, which took place November 22-24 in Shanghai. 2023-11-27
Pharma Conference in India RADWAG was pleased to co-host a seminar aimed at pharma companies, held in the Indian state of Goa. 2023-11-16
ASIA PHARMACON EXPO in Bengaluru On November 09-10, RADWAG products could be seen at an exhibition aimed at the pharma industry, held in India. 2023-11-15
Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai Between November 07-09, RADWAG products could be seen at the famous exhibition aimed at the food industry, held in the United Arab Emirates. 2023-11-10
Witold Lewandowski Recognized in Dubai The Founder, Owner and Managing Director of RADWAG has been honored for developing innovative technologies in the weighing industry in the Middle East. 2023-11-09
LAB Innovations 2023 RADWAG UK participated in the laboratory trade fair on November 1-2, 2023 in Birmingham, UK. 2023-11-03
RADWAG Industrial Conference in Slovenia An industrial conference dedicated to RADWAG products, especially scales for Ex areas, was held in Slovenia on October 18-20, 2023. 2023-10-23
New Models of 5Y Series Balances Now Available! Our company’s offer will expand to include new models of AS, PS and MA 5Y laboratory balances. 2023-10-20
Radom Engineer’s Day RADWAG is proud to promote the title of professional engineer during the XXXV Radom Engineering Days, which took place on October 18-22, 2023. 2023-10-20
Saudi International Medlab Expo 2023 in Riyadh On October 09-11, 2023, RADWAG took part in a laboratory and clinical trade fair organized in the capital of Saudi Arabia. 2023-10-12
Lexicon of Basic Metrological Terms Mass metrology is a difficult field of science, which is why a staff of experts from the RADWAG Research and Certification Metrology Center has prepared for you the Lexicon of Basic Metrological Terms. 2023-10-02
Measuring Equipment Supervision – an Interview with Slawomir Janas PhD Enjoy reading an interview conducted on the pages of the prestigious magazine Laboratorium – Przegląd Ogólnopolski (Laboratory – National Review). The interview was given by Slawomir Janas PhD, Research Laboratory Manager at RADWAG. 2023-09-26
ARABLAB 2023 in Dubai On September 19-21, 2023, we RADWAG participated in the most prestigious international laboratory and analytical trade fair. 2023-09-22
WLC 6/A2/1 – a New Balance in RADWAG’s Offer From September 11, 2023, you will find the WLC 6/A2/1 precision balance in our portfolio. 2023-09-13
Thailand Lab INTERNATIONAL 2023 September 8, 2023 is the last day of the “Thailand Lab INTERNATIONAL 2023” exhibition and conference in which we RADWAG are participating. 2023-09-08
The 10th Anniversary of our Chinese Dealer’s Company After a three-day training session we organized for our distributor in China – RADWAG TECHNOLOGY, we RADWAG were invited to a meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the local Nanjing dealer. 2023-08-28
Training for Distributors in China Suzhou, August 21-23. It was here that we RADWAG trained the employees of the sales department of RADWAG TECHNOLOGY – our exclusive distributor in China. 2023-08-25
New Publication by our R&D Staff RADWAG devices meet the requirements of ISO 8655:2022. 2023-08-08
NEW: ZR-04 Powerbank ZR-04 is the first powerbank in RADWAG’s product line that can simultaneously power the balance or scale and charge itself. 2023-07-19
Another PhD Has Joined the Ranks of RADWAG’s R&D Department Michal Solecki, Technical Mass Comparators Manager at RADWAG, has just defended his PhD thesis in mechanical engineering at Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom. 2023-07-13
“Analytica Lab Africa” in Johannesburg The “Analytica Lab Africa” trade fair took place in the South African capital on July 05-07, 2023. RADWAG was represented by both our employees and our local distributor, Lasec. 2023-07-07
“Label Editor R02” – New Version! From 30 June 2023, the functionality of the software is extended to include, among other things, optimised QR code operation. 2023-07-03
“International RADWAG Technical Meeting 2023” (20 and 21.06.2023) The event was aimed at improving the skills of technicians from around the world who work with RADWAG devices on a daily basis. 2023-06-22
“Connect in Pharma 2023” in Geneva On June 14-15, 2023, the Swiss capital hosted a pharmaceutical trade fair in which we RADWAG participated. 2023-06-16
New: ZR-03/1 and ZR-03/2 Powerbank ZR-03/01 and ZR-03/2 are powerbanks that use fast charging technology. They are designed for rechargeable power supply of RADWAG balance and terminal. 2023-06-13
“Win Eurasia 2023” Fair in Istanbul Balances by RADWAG could be seen on June 07-10, 2023 at the largest international industrial fair in the region. 2023-06-12
“FORUMESURE 2023” in Bordeaux (France) The “FORUMESURE 2023” exhibition took place in Bordeaux from 05-07 June 2023. We RADWAG had the pleasure of participating in it. 2023-06-09
27th MS Spektrum Analytical Symposium This year’s symposium was held on May 29-31, 2023 in Bronislawow, Poland. We RADWAG participated in it. 2023-06-05
New: PUE HX7 Now also in Battery-Powered Version From now on, the PUE HX7 terminal can operate even without access to electricity. 2023-06-02
XXVIII POLLAB Club Symposium in Ustka, Poland This year’s 1st round of the symposium was held on May 15-17, 2023. Its theme was “Validation and verification as tools for confirming the validity of results.” We RADWAG once again participated in this event. 2023-05-18
A Knowledge Pill about Weighing Devices and Weighing We welcome you to read an interview conducted by the prestigious industry portal laboratoryjnie.pl with Sławomir Janas, PhD, our Research Laboratory Manager at the RADWAG Research and Certification Metrology Center. 2023-05-11
RADWAG the Triple Winner! Best Laboratory Balances, Best Weighing Instruments and Best Checkweighers – this is the summary of our successes in the Weighing Review Awards 2023. 2023-05-10
NANO.AK-4.500.5Y – New Construction! You can read about the new and improved parameters of this unique RADWAG device in the most recent publication of our company’s staff. 2023-05-08
International Conference of Weighing (ICW) 2023 in Hamburg Vom 24. bis 26. April 2023 hat RADWAG an der International Conference of Weighing (ICW) in Hamburg teilgenommen. 2023-04-27
KOREA LAB 2023 in South Korea On April 18-21, 2023 in Goyang, RADWAG products could be seen at Korea’s largest B2B exhibition in R&D and biotechnology. 2023-04-24
Ostern Frohe Ostern! 2023-04-07
ForumLabo 2023 in Paris On March 28-30, 2023, RADWAG representatives participated in the prestigious international laboratory fair “ForumLabo” 2023. 2023-03-31
International Conference of Weighing (ICW) 2023 - Kommen Sie mit nach Hamburg! Vom 24. bis 26. April 2023 wird RADWAG an der International Conference of Weighing (ICW) in Hamburg teilnehmen. 2023-03-31
Laboratory RADWAG Dealer Meeting 2023 in Istanbul (Turkey) A meeting of RADWAG’s Turkish distributors entitled “Laboratory RADWAG Dealer Meeting 2023” was held in Istanbul on March 15, 2023. 2023-03-16
NEW High Resolution Platform Scales HRP & High Resolution Platforms High Resolution Platform Scales HRP and High Resolution Platforms now also with a 500 x 500 mm weighing pan. 2023-03-13
RADWAG at CIM 2023 – 21st Congrès International de Métrologie From March 7-10, 2023, we RADWAG participated in the 21st International Metrology Congress CIM 2023 in Lyon, France. 2023-03-10
RADWAG Has Set up a Professional Weighing Room at Poznań University We as RADWAG have lent our balances and weighing accessories to the Institute of Combustion Engines and Powertrains of the Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering of Poznań University of Technology. 2023-03-07
RADWAG Training Centre Sign up for training in mass metrology and/ or weighing! 2023-02-22
Fast & Accurate Drying with the PMV 50.5Y Microwave Moisture Analyzer The PMV 50.5Y microwave moisture analyzer is a versatile device that can is used in many industries, including food, dairy and chemical. 2023-02-17
New: Hybrid Protective Glass for 5Y and CY10 Terminal Hybrid glass, which protects the touch panel from scratches and cracks, is now in RADWAG’s offer. 2023-02-13
New Product in RADWAG’s offer: CY10 Series Balances & Scales Experience CY10 series precision balances and 1 load cell platform scales. 2023-02-08
NEW: PUE CY10 Terminal! A special task terminal is now in RADWAG’s offer. 2023-02-02
NEW: AP-12.1.5Y Automatic Device for Multichannel Pipette Calibration with Unbeatable Readability [d] of 1 µg. 2023-01-26
The Warranty Period for RADWAG Balances is up to 5 years. 2023-01-16
Under-Pan Weighing in XA, AS, PS, WLC and PM Series Laboratory Balances The new design of laboratory balances gives you the possibility of under-pan weighing at any time after purchasing the balance. 2023-01-03
Special Offer ‘Easy Printer RTP - GRATIS’ RADWAG announces its New Year’s campaign ‘Easy Printer RTP - GRATIS’. 2023-01-02
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