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New Year’s Wishes Let the upcoming year… 2022-12-30
Holiday Wishes May this Christmas bring you joy… 2022-12-22
New Product in RADWAG’s Offer: AS 3100.X2 PLUS Balance Discover the impressive metrological parameters of new AS X2 PLUS series analytical balances. 2022-12-22
NEW: the First Receipt Printer of RADWAG Production! A printer with Wi-Fi® access in RADWAG product range from January 1, 2023. 2022-12-15
Witold Lewandowski, PhD, Awarded with an Entry in the Golden Book of Alumni of Warsaw University of Technology A special tribute to the rich professional achievements and outstanding accomplishments of the Founder, Owner and Managing Director of RADWAG. 2022-11-17
New: weighing dishes for ultra-microbalances, microbalances and analytical balances Aluminum weighing dishes enable convenience in weighing of small samples with high accuracy. 2022-11-15
ARABLAB 2022 On October 24-26, 2022, RADWAG once again took part in the most powerful international trade fair dedicated to the laboratory and analytical industry. 2022-10-27
International Dealer Meeting 2022 – Watch the Video! Have you already forgotten what it was like? Or maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the event and would like to know what you missed? 2022-10-17
New and Improved Metrological Parameters of HRP High Resolution Scales Even better readability, repeatability and linearity in the HY10.62.HRP, HY10.62.HRP.H and PUE 7.1.62.HRP series scales. 2022-10-17
IMEKO TC3|TC5|TC16|TC22 International Conference 2022 – Dubrovnik, CROATIA On October 11-13, 2022, an international measurement conference was held in Croatia. Representatives of RADWAG company participated in it. 2022-10-14
Mesures Solutions EXPO 2022 On October 5-6, 2022 in Lyon took place an trade fair for representatives of the measurement industry. RADWAG company could not be absent at such an event. 2022-10-14
LCGC RADWAG Weighing for Pharma Meeting A pharmaceutical conference organized by our distributor in India, LCGC, and RADWAG was held in Chennai and Pondicherry, India, on September 28-29, 2022. 2022-09-30
Forum Labo 2022 Lyon, September 19-20, 2022 – this is where and when the latest edition of the international laboratory fair “Forum Labo” took place, in which RADWAG once again participated. 2022-09-21
International Dealer Meeting 2022 An international meeting of RADWAG distributors was held in Radom from September 13-15, 2022. 2022-09-20
Connect in Pharma 2022 On September 14-15, 2022, Geneva’s prestigious Palexpo convention center was filled with nearly a hundred exhibitors. Among them were us, RADWAG. 2022-09-19
Powertrains, Fuels & Lubricants Conference & Exhibition An international conference organized by the Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines SAE International and BOSMAL took place on September 6-8, 2022 in Cracow, Poland. 2022-09-16
International Dealer Meeting 2022 The annual meeting of RADWAG distributors on September 13-15, 2022. 2022-09-13
Lab Indonesia 2022 Trade Fair RADWAG balances at one of the largest pharmaceutical events in Indonesia. 2022-09-13
New: XA 5Y.M Microbalances and XA 5Y Analytical Balances From August 25, 2022, you will find XA 5Y.M series microbalances and XA 5Y series analytical balances in RADWAG’s offer. 2022-08-26
Expo Material para Laboratorio 2022 Balances by RADWAG could be seen at a prestigious laboratory fair in Mexico. 2022-08-24
New: the PMV 50.5Y Microwave Moisture Analyzer Now with 5Y Terminal The PMV 50.5Y microwave moisture analyzer has just joined the ELLIPSIS series of laboratory balances from RADWAG. 2022-07-26
From Now on – Mass Comparators Work with the State-of-the-Art 5Y Terminal Automatic, robotic, manual and susceptometer – RADWAG’s mass comparators, which until now relied on the 4Y terminal, will operate on the 5Y terminal from July 18, 2022. 2022-07-18
Pharmac South 2022 RADWAG balances were displayed at the Pharmac South trade fair in India, held on July 8-9, 2022, in Chennai. 2022-07-11
Battery Power Supply of Balances and Scales is Already Possible With the ZR-03 Buffer Power Supply All day—even for such a long time—you can operate the balance or scale thanks to the voltage converter and power bank, i.e. the ZR-03 manufactured by RADWAG. 2022-07-04
KOREA LAB 2022 On June 14-17, 2022, South Korea’s largest exhibition of laboratory and analytical equipment and biotechnology took place in Seoul. RADWAG products were presented by our Korean distributor. 2022-06-22
International Trade Show EPHJ 2022 On June 14-17, 2022, Geneva hosted Switzerland’s largest trade show dedicated to the precision industry. RADWAG was represented by our distributor METROLOGY.CH. 2022-06-20
DJAZAGRO 2022 An international agricultural and food fair, in which RADWAG participated, took place on 30.05-02.06.2022 in Algeria. 2022-06-06
LaborExpo 2022 On 01-02 June 2022, an international trade fair for analytical, measuring, and laboratory equipment took place in Prague. 2022-06-03
POLLAB 2022 The XXVII POLLAB Society Symposium took place on May 23-25, 2022 in Ustka. 2022-06-02
AP-12.5Y Video Speed, process automation, and cost reduction – see it all in our latest video about an automatic device for multichannel pipette calibration. 2022-05-30
New HRP High Resolution Scales in the RADWAG Product Range Even more accurate, even faster, and even more versatile. 2022-04-29
New PM Precision Balances in the RADWAG Product Range Lab-worthy precision, industrial-scale application. 2022-04-29
Training for RADWAG Distributors in Mexico On 28.03.2022. – 01.04.2022 RADWAG distributors from Mexico participated in product training. 2022-04-19
Happy Easter Dear Clients, Business Partners, Colleagues, and Employees... 2022-04-14
New: AP-12.5Y ELLIPSIS Automatic Device For Multichannel Pipette Calibration A new device in the RADWAG product range. 2022-04-08
“Scale Editor 2.1” – New Software in RADWAG Product Range New edition of the “Scale Editor” software. 2022-03-08
Not Sure if Your Moisture Analyzer Works Properly? A quick and reliable method of verifying the operation of a moisture analyzer using sodium chloride. 2022-02-14
Loads of Technology in the New ELLIPSIS Balances New series of laboratory balances in RADWAG product range. 2022-02-04
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