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E2R Formulas module enables weighing ingredients from a selected formula on one or multiple platforms in accordance with production order (weighing process with one indicator applied). The software provides also the possibility of defining formulas with thresholds configuration for each ingredient and reporting completed production orders. E2R Formulas system is based on data bases MS SQL 2008 R2.

E2R Formulas - functions:
  • Formulas processing based on Production Orders;
  • Manual and automatic formulas processing;
  • Monitoring of completed Production Orders;
  • Managing of Formulas and Orders;
  • Simple reporting from completed Production Orders and Formulas;
  • Formulas with dosing function;
  • Cooperation with scales series WPW and based on PUE5 and PUE HY10 terminals;
  • Collecting weighing records from WPW Formula through E2R Synchronizer;
  • Cooperation with scales based on PUE7 (available soon);
  • Collecting weighing records from formulas, orders and free control weighing;
  • Planning Production Orders;
  • Formula filling till reaching set mass ;
  • Many time formula realization;
  • Formulas and Orders libraries management;
  • Cooperation with other E2R System modules ;
  • Exchange of data with peripheral softwares through Data Synchronizing Module ;
  • Cooperation of formulating scales in network;
  • Modification of application look.

Standard reports from E2R Formulas:

  • General report from formulas;
  • Detailed report from formulas;
  • General report from production orders;
  • Detailed report from production orders.

Module components:

  • Weighing terminal PUE5,
  • Weighing terminal PUE HY10,
  • Receipt printers
  • Barcode scanner,
  • Transponder card scanner


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