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ISO Quality System

RADWAG is a well-known leading manufacturer of electronic weighing instruments in Europe and overseas.

For many years, RADWAG has been the largest manufacturer of electronic weighing equipment in Poland. Since 2002 we operate in accordance with implemented and documented quality management system ISO 9001.

Certifying Body GEM CERT E. Niegowska Sp. J. more >>
GEM CERT E. Niegowska GP Certifying Body has confirmed compliance of RADWAG Wagi Elektroniczne management system with ISO 9001:2015 standard.  

In the interest of our customers, RADWAG quality system is subjected to annual audits performed by notified bodies supervising our company. This quality system has already been approved by:

Certyfikaty CMI Ceský Metrologický Institut more >>
Ceský Metrologický Institut
Czech Notified Body no 1383 by which we have been granted permission to self-declare conformity of our products with NAVI and MID directives, i.e. 2009/23/EC NAWI and 2004/22/EC MID.
It is confirmed by the Approval 0119-SJ-A002-07.
TÜV NORD Polska more >>
Polish Notified Body no. 2274 by which we have been granted permission to self-declare conformity of our medical products with the 93/42/EEC MDD directive.
It is confirmed by the Approval TNP/MDD/0033/3673/2012.
Certyfikat EX Main Mining Institute more >>
Polish Notified Body no 1453 by which we have been granted permission to self-declare conformity of our products, that are intended for operation within explosion-endangered areas, with the 94/9/EC ATEX directive.
It is confirmed by the Approval GIG 13 ATEXQ 012.

Radwag company comprises Measuring Laboratory which was created and selected as an independent body out of the company structure. In 2004, Radwag Measuring Laboratory was granted accreditation from Polish Centre for Accreditation (AP 069), acknowledging its competence and conformity of its Quality Management System with the requirements of the International Standard - PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Certyfikat PCA Polish Centre for Accreditation more >>
Polish body for accreditation of laboratories. The PCA has confirmed Measuring Laboratory of RADWAG to be accordant with ISO/IEC 17025:2001 standard.  

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