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Movable Weighing Range

   Discover „Movable Weighing Range” – function of high resolution RADWAG balances. Regardless of applied tare weight this solution guarantees readout accuracy that is characteristic for the lowest weighing range.
   Balances featuring this function are commonly called “movable range balances”. This notion perfectly suits the balances since it reflects their nature. Owing to “movable weighing range” function, the balance can weigh even 80 mg heavy sample packed in a container of 200 g weight.
               With “Movable weighing range” function, RADWAG provides accurate mass measurement simultaneously offering possibility of heavy samples weighing. Additionally, the said function positively influences calculated value of measurement uncertainty making it much lower, this is a result of reading unit value d = 0,01 mg.
               RADWAG balances featuring “movable range” facilitate highly precise measurement of sample weight, regardless of applied tare container.
               For detailed
               information on
               „moveable weighing
               range” read:
   RADWAG balances featuring „Movable Range” function:
               MYA 0,8/3.3Y
               MYA 11/52.3Y
               Analytical Balance
               XA 82/220.3Y.A
               Analytical Balance
               XA 82/220.3Y

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