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Determination of solids and liquids density

Watch procedure for determination of solids and liquids density performed by means of RADWAG laboratory balances and by means of functional density determination kit.
Some models of RADWAG laboratory balances enable carrying out density determination procedure for solids and liquids.
In order to perform density determination of any solid or liquid you need to use a professional kit designed to enable this operation. RADWAG offers three types of density determination kit, each intended to cooperate with a different balance:
1. KIT 85 – for cooperation with analytical balances featuring ø 85 or ø 100 mm weighing pan
2. KIT 128 – for cooperation with precision balances featuring ø 128x128 mm weighing pan
3. KIT 195 – for cooperation with precision balances featuring ø 195x195 mm weighing pan

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