P0198 Cable

P0198 Cable view:1

Product code: WX-013-0029


Ethernet cable (M12 4P connector).
Standard cable length: 3 m
Compatible with:
- Scales operated by means of PUE C41H indicator
- Scales operated by means of PUE HY terminal
- PUE C41H indicator
- PUE HY terminal

Compatible with

WPW H Stainless steel Multifunctional Scales
WPW Multifunctional Scales
WPW H Stainless Steel Multifunctional Scales
WPW/T/H/FH Waterproof Control Scales
WPW/T/HR/FH Waterproof control scales
PUE C/41H Indicator
MWSH Modules

Compatible with

Weighing pan dimensions
Readability [d]
Maximum capacity [Max]
Product name
MWSH 6000 Weighing Module

MWSH 6000 Weighing Module

6000 g

0,01 g

100×100 mm

MWLH Modules
HRP Platforms High Capacity
Stainless steel HRP.H platforms
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