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PUE 5.15R Terminal

PUE 5.15R Terminal içinde İndikatörler ve terminaller
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Genel Açıklama

The terminals are intended to designing


with maximum resolution of 6000 e. PUE 5 series, similarly to the basic model, are enclosed in a stainless steel housing which allows for reaching the highest IP rating, i.e. IP 67.
The terminals come standard with interfaces: 2 × RS232, 1 × RS485, 1 x Ethernet, 4 x USB 2.0.
PUE 5 series can be extended by additional 3


modules for simultaneous operation of maximum 4



Optionally available PROFIBUS DP interface enables terminals cooperation with industrial ProfiBus network.
Intended Use:

The terminal PUE 5 series is a multifunctional weighing device. It combines the best features of a PC computer and a scale. The PUE 5 operates on basis of OS Windows, creating the best option for configuring the device to individual customer requirements through installing corresponding application.

If applied with dosing or formula making systems, the PUE 5 allows for operation with multiple weighing platforms, and simultaneous dosing with full process control. A dosing or formula making system that is configured on basis of the terminal PUE 5 series does not require an additional PC computer. Database editing is possible from the level of PUE 5 touch screen display or an optional PC keyboard.

Area of Use:
Main applications for terminal PUE 5 series:
  • Designing industrial load cell scales;
  • Multiple weighing applications supervised by a computer system through Ethernet module;
  • Possibility of connecting large quantity of additional weighing platforms to industrial terminals.
Terminal type:
PUE 5.15R – resistive touch screen technology.  Protection class IP68. High resistance to moisture and dust. In comparison to remaining models, limited brightness and lower resistance to shocks and scratches. Possibility of operation using gloves preventing scratches (latex, material).
Stainless Steel in RADWAG products
Learn about the use and maintenance of stainless steel products:
Stainless Steel in RADWAG products. Standard and special applications




Weighing process for which reference mass has been determined together with tolerance for its determination. Dosing tolerance is given in [%] and it is calculated in relation to the reference value thus being a permissible deviation of this process. This solution is used for weighing powders, liquids and loose materials. Dosing function performance is often supported with bargraph - load indicator. For industrial scales it is possible to use a control systems of dosing process.


Marking products with the right symbols contributes to quick and reliable identification. The balance/scale usually transfers product mass or product quantity to the label printer. The transferred value is printed with the following information: bar code, pictogram, content, address etc. In laboratory the labelling is performed in a semi-automatic mode, for industry in an automatic one (dynamic scales).
Plus/Minus Control

Plus/Minus Control

Control of sample's mass carried out with reference to specified MIN and MAX thresholds. The weight is considered to be correct if it is comprised within threshold values. A graphic visualisation of weighing result is displayed in a form of a bar graph.
Parts counting

Parts counting

Function using mass measurement for determination of  measured items quantity. Mass of a single item is required for this process. It may be either estimated through weighment or taken from a database. For items counting the following algorithm is used: all items mass / single item mass = quantity. Function operation is supperted by a mechanism of Automatic Correction of Accuracy. This allows to update single item mass in course of the process. To a certain extend Automatic Correction of Accuracy eliminates error which may be a result of different mass values of seemingly alike single elements. For industry solutions items counting may be simultaneously carried out with checkweighing and dosing thus industry solutions feature audio signalling base informing that specified number of items has been weighed. It is possible to apply weighing systems using few platfroms of different MAX capacities and different accuracies.


Function supporting the mixture making process, wherein the mixture contains various components. Formulation function usually uses the balance/scale database of components. Formulation serves for monitored checkweighing of every single component with a given tolerance. It is enriched with a set of individual settings.


Statistiscs function registers and analyses performed measurements. This supplies the user withthe following information: Max and Min standard deviation, average value, variance, range et.


Checkweighing function is used for checking whether the measured sample mass is within the predefined threshold values, Low [LO] and Hgh [HI]. The thresholds are given in [g] and [kg] units. Current state of a sample being measured is signalled by means of pictorgams located on a display for laboratory balances, for industrial scales Stackligt System is used. This visual +/- inspection is in operation during segregation, control or packing process of products for which mass has bees determined with a specifaied tolerance, eg. 12860 g 961

Teknik Veriler

Maximum quantity of verification units

6000 e


OIML Class




15,6” graphic colour touchscreen


IP Sınıfı

IP 68


USB arayüzü

4×USB 2.0 (2×USB-A, 2×M12 4P)



2×10/100/1000 Mbit (2×RJ45 hermetic)


Profibus DP Interface

operation mode: slave


Serial Interface

2×RS232, RS485 (2×M12 8P)


Girişler/Çıkışlar (opsiyon)

4IN / 4OUT (2×ports M12 8P or 2×cables fed through the cable gland)


İlave tartı platformu modülü

additional max. 3 pcs (metrological parameters as in the main weighing platform)


Harici tuşlar PRINT

terminal with 4IN/4OUT (M12 8P connector) is required


Maksimum güç tüketimi

50 W


Dönüştürücüden maksimum bölüm sayısı

838 860 ×10


Maximum increase of signal

19,5 mV


Doğrulama birimi başına minimum voltaj

0,4 µV


Doğrulama birimi başına maksimum voltaj

3,25 µV


Minimum load cell impedance

80 Ω


Yük hücresi maksimum empedansı

1200 Ω


Yük hücresi besleme gerilimi



Yük hücresi bağlantısı

4 or 6 wires + shield


Çalıştırma sıcaklığı

0 ÷ +40


Atmosferik nem

10% ÷ 85% RH no condensation


Dokunmatik panel




stainless steel


İşletim sistemi

Microsoft Windows 10 IoT



Intel® Pentium® N3710 on-board SoC (2.56GHz, quad-core, 2MB cache)


Yonga seti

Intel® HD Graphics Gen 7



4GB 1066/1333 MHz DDR3L max 8 GB


Veri hafızası

SSD 128 GB


Packaging dimensions



Net weight



Brüt ağırlık




Technical specification
Publications and teaching materials
User Manual - PUE 5
(1.11 MB) EN
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Data Sheet
(1.07 MB) EN
Save See the publication
Conformity Declaration
(0.04 MB) EN
Save See the publication
Stainless Steel in RADWAG products. Standard and special applications
(2.44 MB)
Save See the publication
Terminal and Scales Operated in Industry
(4.95 MB) EN
Save See the publication
PUE 5 Weighing Terminal
(2.10 MB) EN
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İle uyumlu

F1 Kütle standardı- Ayar odacıksız silindirik ağırlık setleri
E2R System


Ürün ismi

Genel Açıklama

E2R Formülasyon


Fiş yazıcı
Giriş/Çıkış kabloları
RS 232 cables (terminal - terminal)
USB adaptör


Moxa UPort 1110 Converter


Ürün ismi

Genel Açıklama

Moxa UPort 1110 Converter


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