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In the world of engineering science there are two standards of passing the information on, first might be expressed by the following sentence: „Look how wise I am and how much I know!”, and the other, much closer for us: „Look, how easy it is!”.

We will make any effort to provide you with clear answers written in comprehensible language rather that technical jargon.

What the readability is?

By definition it is a value, expressed in units of mass, of the difference between the values corresponding to two consecutive scale marks, for analogue indication, or the difference between two consecutive indicated values, for digital indication.

How to distinguish an analytical balance from a precision balance?

Analytical balance differs from the precision balance by readability, maximum capacity and intended use. Analytical balance is more accurate than the precision one, its maximum capacity is smaller and due to its greater accuracy it is used in laboratories. Precision balance may be used in laboratories requiring lower accuracy, however it will prove itself in less demanding industry environment.

Why is it impossible to buy a highly precise balance of high capacity?

The most accurate laboratory balances (with the readability of 0.1 µg) have low maximum capacity value (Max = 6 g), which is an effect of technological limitations human comes across today. In industry it is assumed that the most precise instruments are high resolution scales with the readability of 0.02 g and the maximum capacity of 2 000kg. High resolution industry scales provide highly precise mass measurement under industrial conditions that was previously possible only for a laboratory environment.

Combination of high readability and high capacity was possible thanks to use of our proprietary weighing module, known as



How high is automatic scale, can it be adapted to my production line?

Automatic scales are adapted to either existing or currently designed technological lines, components of which they are to be. This is why our sales representatives or technicians inquire for all necessary information regarding customer requirements before they prepare the offer. Next they adjust the scale to the dimensions of customer line, as much as possible.

Are automatic scales compliant with the requirements of CFR?

Yes, RADWAG instruments are intended for operation among many on production lines of pharmaceutical companies, therefore they have been equipped with software accordant with the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration – 21 CFR Part 11.

Can dynamic scales control packaged goods in accordance with the law?

It is one of the most frequently used functions of the automatic scale –food inspection performed in accordance with valid regulations concerning PGC. Automatic RADWAG scales ensure performance of 100-percent control of the batch. Connection of the rejection system allows to pass only those products to the warehouse that comply with the law criteria.

Does the automatic scale report include information about contaminated product occurence?

If the scale connects a metal detector, then each contamination occurence is registered by the scale and printed on a report.

How to enter the batch quantity value in automatic scales?

The scale does not require batch quantity value to be given – it is calculated dynamically during the production. Constant value would result with problems in the case of line breakdown for example, well, what if the scale was programmed with a batch of 10,000 pieces, and due to a line breakdown, only 5,000 pieces would be produced? The scale would still wait for 5 000 pieces to be weighed.

Can the scale stop after a series of faulty packages has been detected?

Yes, the scale has been equipped with a vast range of functions monitoring the line operation, and in the case of occurrence of series of faulty products, it may turn the alarm on and stop the line.

Can the automatic scale communicate with a dispenser?

In the case of weighing loose products that pass the weighing pan right after the dosing is completed, it is possible to correct operation of the dispenser by the scale. Since the whole batch passes by the pan, therefore the scale can dynamically and highly precisely determine corrections for a dispenser. By standard, the scale can send fixed or variable time pulses triggering dose increase or decrease, depending on the possibilities of the dispenser software.

Is it possible to purchase a verified device?

Metrological regulations concerning automatic scales require performance of verification, or equally significant conformity assessment process, after weighing instrument installation. The scale must be tested with products that are to be weighed using it. This is a consequence of the fact that weighing correctness is influenced by external conditions, throughput, mass and product dimensions.
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