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InterWeighing 2016

RADWAG participated in InterWeighing 2016, an expo dedicated for manufacturers of weighing equipment. Inter Weighing known as the largest trade show is organized once a year. The main organizer of the event was CWIA (Chinese Weighing Instrument Association), an organisation operating since 1983 which nowadays associates 350 members, mainly producers of balances and scales, distributors, government institutions, research laboratories and users. 
InterWeighing takes place once a year and traditionally every two years Shanghai becomes the host. However, this year the exhibition took place in Chengdu – the largest Western China city and fifth most populous agglomeration in this country.
This year we were accompanied by our distributor PEKE. The guests could get familiarized with complete RADWAG laboratory range:
  • 4Y microbalances
  • 4Y and X2 analytical balances
  • 3Y and R moisture analyzers
Additionally we had a pleasure to present HY10 terminal, our top product.
RADWAG would like to thank all the guests for visiting our stand. We are pleased and grateful for the growing interest in our products on a Chinese market. 
We are looking forward to meeting you again in 2017 in Shanghai!


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