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From 21st  to 24th March 2016  Radwag participated in the 6th International Metrology Conference in Dakar, Senegal. The conference was combined with FORUMESURE, a thematic exhibition regarding measuring equipment.

It was an unforgettable metrological forum and an opportunity to exchange information. During the exhibition the visitors and participants had a chance to share their ideas and experience. The expo was full of open discussions and technical workshops taking place at particular stands. A lot of participants came from African countries: Camerun, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Kenia, Niger. Some people arrived from France, England, Germany and Australia too. It was a second conference of such type for Radwag (previously we participated in PRETORIA – South Africa) and fourth FORUMESURE exhibition (previously Casablanca, Pretoria, Algiers).
Our stand attracted a lot of visitors and exhibitors. Great popularity was gained by RADWAG automatic mass comparator AK–4/5000, highly innovative equipment from 4Y series range. Our other weighing devices made a big impression on the visitors as well. We also gave a presentation on “AUTOMATION OF CALIBRATION PROCESS FOR MASS STANDARDS AND WEIGHTS AND ITS EFFECT ON MEASUREMENT UNCERTAINTY WITH IMPROVED MASS COMPARATORS REPEATABILITY PARAMETER” which attracted attention of wide audience, it could be watched during the technical session. 
On behalf of RADWAG we would like to thank all who came to visit our booth. We are really grateful for all the attention given to our company. We hope to see you again in 2 years’ time in Morocco. 

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