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Calibration of piston pipettes

Calibration of automatic piston pipettes for accreditation purposes includes:
  • Adjustable and fixed volume pipettes from 1 µl to 10 000 µl.
Calibration is carried out via gravimetric method in accordance with requirements of standard ISO 8655-6. Calibration certificate may contain results of calculation of errors determined by standard ISO 8655:
  • Systematic error es – determined in [µl] and [%];
  • Random error – determined as standard deviation Sp in [µl] and CV in [%].
Piston pipettes calibration includes estimation of pipettes indication error for a tested volume together with expanded uncertainty and issuing the Calibration Certificate. Traceabilty is refered to standard of a measuring unit through using electronic balances (micro analytical) which are certified with the Calibration Certificate issued by an accredited calibration laboratory, wherein the certificate is valid. The balances meet metrological requirements determined for gravimetric method by standard ISO 8655-6.

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