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analytica Lab Africa

On 9th-12th July, 2019, ANALYTICA LAB AFRICA Trade Fair was held in Johannesburg, in South Africa. This year the event, which was for the first time organised in Gallagher Convention Center, gathered 145 exhibitors from 15 countries, and 90 representatives of local companies. The latest technology for laboratory, food industry, and drink production was presented, also equipment intended for water management was exhibited. Over 6 000 visitors participated the fair.

For RADWAG it was the fourth edition of the fair. In cooperation with LASEC Ltd, our local representative, we revealed our latest solutions for mass metrology that are intended mostly for pharmaceutical, food and mine industry.

Our guests had a chance to get familiar with the XA.4Y.A.PLUS analytical balance offering an automatic level system and an in-built ioniser, the PMV50 microwave moisture analyzer allowing to considerably shorten the process of moisture content determination, precision and analytical balances of the X2 series, and the multifunctional PUE HY10 indicator connecting both laboratory balances and industrial scales. Our technology caught interest of visitors who on a regular basis operate the balances and scales for research, production and control purposes.

RADWAG would like to express its appreciation to LASEC Ltd for a fruitful cooperation and active promotion of our trade mark in RSA and other African countries. We would like to also express our heartfelt thanks to those who visited our booth and showed interest in our products. Thank you for sharing your precious time with us. See you in two years during the next ANALYTICA LAB AFRICA Trade Fair.

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