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„New era of weighing in pharma 2019” conference

It's soon! On 19 November, in Cairo, an international conference, „ New era of weighing in pharma 2019”, will take place. The event is intended for national organisations and for experts and scientists operating within pharmacy field, and biomedical and medical industries. During this meeting, issues regarding mass measurement metrology and safety procedures that are obligatory in the laboratory will be discussed, also the latest technological advancements, when it comes to laboratory weighing equipment, will be presented.

RADWAG experts who will take the floor are:

Agnieszka Żukowska, M.Sc.
Validation – IQ, OQ & PQ procedures, Piston Pipettes, Mass Metrology in measurements

Radosław Wilk, M.Sc.
RADWAG Worldwide implementations, Overview of whole laboratory balances, THBR 2.0 Module & RDWAG Cloud, USP & Min Weight, FDA 21 CFR part 11 – compliance

Please get familiar with the conference program and meet us there.

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