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APMF 2017

From 19th -22nd November Asian – Pacific Symposium on Measurement of Mass, Force and Torque (APMF 2017) took place in Krabi, Thailand. Radwag was one of the main sponsors of this event. Among the participants of the conference there were employees of the national institutes of measures from Thailand, Japan, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.  Moreover, honorary speakers from Europe were also invited: Dr Michael Stock, a physicist at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Sèvres, giving a speech on: Realization and dissemination of the kilogram after its planned redefinition; and Dr Alessandro Germak from INRIM, the National Institute of Metrological Research in Italy, with a presentation on: The effect of the redefinition of the kilogram on its present related quantities.
The conference was also a great occasion for Radwag to share its knowledge and experience. Professor Tadeusz Szumiata gave presentation on: ‘Shape and size corrections in magnetic susceptibility measurements of weights’ which caught an interest among the listeners. The conference created an opportunity for RADWAG to present its newest products like susceptometer SM MYA5 and automatic mass comparator UMA100 – which attracted attention of the participants of the symposium. 

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