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PMV 50 Moisture Analyzer

PMV 50 Moisture Analyzer - RADWAG Balance Elektronik, endüstri için modern elektronik terazi ve aksesuar üreticisidir.
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Ürün kodu: WL-307-0001
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Genel Açıklama

Maximum capacity [Max]: 50g
Readability [d]: 0,1mg

PMV 50 moisture analyzer is an advanced solution for measurement of moisture content of samples containing significant amount of moisture (8-100%). The drying process is carried out by means of microwaves which enable to evenly heat the whole sample's volume. The PMV 50, when compared to standard moisture analyzers, significantly shortens the drying time.

The PMV 50 microwave moisture analyzer can be successfully used wherever materials containing large amounts of water are dried, for example: dairy products, fish, meat, fruit products, syrups, creams, liquid resin.

The sample is placed in the drying chamber on a glass fibre filter. At the bottom of the chamber there is one end of the waveguide from where the microwaves are emitted. Upon process start, microwaves are equally distributed on the filter's surface and dry the sample. The moisture content is determined on the basis of the


loss obtained during drying.

A respective drying program is selected depending on sample


and its chemical composition. The average duration of this process depends on the type and mass of used substance, and takes 1 to 10 minutes. In contrast, drying using the traditional halogen moisture analyzer takes 5 to 40 minutes.

The PMV 50 microwave moisture analyzer is equipped with a temperature sensor and enables to monitor device power in order to prevent exceeding the boiling point during the process. A preset microwave power is displayed on the


throughout the drying procedure.
  • Intended for drying of samples containing significant amount of moisture (8-100%)
  • Ultra-short drying time when compared to traditional moisture analyzers and standard drying methods
  • Microwave-based solution
  • Uniform heating of entire sample's surface
  • Complex database of drying programs
  • Finish mode: manual, automatic, time-defined, user-defined
  • Advanced reports, time and statistical graphs
  • Easy operation due to a touch screen
The PMV 50 moisture analyzer is based on an advanced-class Y series system intended for laboratory balances. Expanded 32 GB memory enables saving and storing sophisticated reports and time and statistical graphs. Wireless communication improves ergonomics and operation safety. Wi-Fi® enables sending data between the moisture analyzer and a mobile device. Large 5.7’’ touch screen guarantees comfort of operation. Proximity sensors ensure touch-free access to user-specified operations.

For each purchase of the PMV 50 moisture analyzer the customer is supplied with:
  • 60 glass fibre filters of ø 90 mm,
  • a sample of sodium chloride 10% ±0,5% to determine correctness of the operation at the workstation,
  • a service concerning determination of drying parameters for five customer-selected samples carried out by RADWAG employee.
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Measurement of Samples of High Moisture Content


Drying modes

Drying modes

Method for obtaining maximum drying temperature. There are 4 drying profiles: standard, mild, step, fast. The profiles differ by which ensure various dynamics of temperature increase.
Samples drying

Samples drying

Drying process enables to determine moisture content of a given sample by evaporating its free water and other components. The sample's moisture content [%M] is determined by means of precise weighing carried out before and during the drying process. 
Moisture content analysis

Moisture content analysis

Determination of sample's moisture content.
Dry mass determination

Dry mass determination

Determination of product mass after completed technological, physical and chemical processes enforcing product moisture evaporation. RADWAG moisture analyzers are designed to test the moisture content by heating of the samples, which is done using an IR emitter, a halogen or a metal heater.

Teknik Veriler

Maximum capacity [Max]



Readability [d]



Dara aralığı







5,7” resistive colour touchscreen


Haberleşme arayüzü

RS232, 2×USB-A, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®


Güç kaynağı

100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz


Çalıştırma sıcaklığı

+10 ÷ +40


Maximum sample weight



Isıtma modülü


Isıtma modülü gücü

800 W


Moisture content readability



Bitiş modu

4 modes (automatic, manual, time-defined, user-defined)


Weighing pan material

ø 90 mm



Technical specification
Publications and teaching materials

User Manual
(6.80 MB) EN

See the publication

Data Sheet
(0.95 MB) EN

See the publication

Conformity Declaration
(0.04 MB) EN

See the publication

Accuracy and Precision of Water Content Determination
(0.82 MB) EN

See the publication

Determination of food products’ water content performed using MA.X2 and PMV moisture analyzers
(1.54 MB) EN

See the publication

PMV Microwave Moisture Analyzer
(2.68 MB) EN

See the publication

Defined Weighing Profiles
(1.64 MB) EN

See the publication

Moisture Analyzers - Modern Methods Of Moisture Content Analysis
(1.91 MB) EN

See the publication

Moisture analysres and moisture content measurement
(4.46 MB) EN

See the publication

Moisture Analyzers - New methods of moisture content analysis
(1.96 MB) EN

See the publication

Water vapour permeability though
(0.09 MB) EN

See the publication

Practical aspects of moisture analysis
(0.54 MB) EN

See the publication


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E2R System
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LabVIEW Driver
Moisture analyzer accessories
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RS 232 cables (scale - EPSON printer)
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