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PUE HX5.EX indicator

RADWAG expands its product range with a new device, HX5.EX indicator intended to be operated in hazardous areas. It has been designed in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/UE directive.

C32 Industrial Scales

C32 series is an advanced but at the same time an easy-to-use weighing instrument that can be operated in various industry areas.

New automatic pipettes

The new series of Radwag automatic pipettes guarantees exceptional precision, accuracy and results repeatability. It also offers maximum comfort of operation.

Bilance di precisione PM ad alta capacita

We would like to present new series of balances.

New possibilities of 4Y, HY10 and TMX weighing instruments 4Y, HY10 and TMX weighing instruments were equipped with new functionalities. The list of the most interesting functions is presented below. 2017-06-01
Riyadh Saudi Arabia 2017 On 21st and 22nd May in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, KIAK company - RADWAG local distributor organised a seminar for their distributors and end users. 2017-06-01
R-Lab In response to our customers expectations, we would like to present short videos to help you start cooperation with the R-Lab. 2017-05-19
MESUREXPO 2017 On 11-13 April, 2017, RADWAG participated in the first edition of MESUREXPO - metrological exhibition held in Algeria, which exhibition took place at the same time as the DJAZAGRO trade fair. 2017-04-25
DJAZAGRO 2017 On 10-13 April, 2017, RADWAG participated in 15th edition of DJAZAGRO, an international agro-food sector fair organized in Algeria. 2017-04-18
Metrological Conferences in Nantes Metrological conferences - les Rencontres Francophones sur la Qualité et la Mesure (RFQM) took place in Nantes on 27-29 March. 2017-04-04
RADWAG Presentation on FORUMESURE Conferences concerning metrology took place in Nantes on 27-29 March, they were held as part of the FORUMESURE organized by CAFMET. 2017-04-04
Forum Labo Forum Labo - the greatest trade fair for laboratory equipment took place in Paris, France, on 28-30 March. 2017-04-03
Arab Lab 2017 Every year in March Radwag participates in Arab Lab exhibition in Dubai. The fair is one of the biggest events of such type in the Middle East which gathers exhibitors from all over the world. 2017-03-27
CFIA 2017 CFIA 2017 - the greatest French trade fair for food industry, the event took place in Rennes on 7 - 10 March. 2017-03-17

Our offer of advanced industrial solutions has been enriched with a brand new terminal, PUE C32, designed to compose load cell scales.

PUE C32 - modern weighing terminal Our offer of advanced industrial solutions has been enriched with a brand new terminal, PUE C32, designed to compose load cell scales. 2017-03-17
Meeting of distributor's dealers in Mumbai On 4 March in Mumbai, a meeting of our distributor's dealers - LCGC RADWAG WEIGHING SOLUTIONS - took place. 2017-03-16
Seminar in Bangalore RADWAG together with our distributor on the Indian market organized a seminar for pharmaceutical companies, which took place on 3 March in Bangalore. 2017-03-15
New video presenting automatic scale We would like to present DWT/RC series checkweigher offering an innovative system of transport direction change. 2017-03-09
Asia Pharma Expo 2017 Our distributor providing products for Bangladesh, Paradise Scientific company, once again took part in Asia Pharma Expo exhibition. The event was organised in Bangladesh – Dhaka on 23-25 February, 2017. 2017-03-08
New software for programmers: RADWAG Development Studio Explore the possibilities and convenience of RADWAG development environment. 2017-02-23
High Capacity PM Precision Balances We would like to present PM precision balances equipped with an innovative measuring system based on RADWAG MonoBLOCK® technology. 2017-02-14
Innovations in RADWAG Software We would like you to get familiar with the summary of the most interesting projects carried out by RADWAG programmers. 2017-02-06
Automatic scales in production processes Watch a video presenting functions and usage of automatic scales in food industry plants. 2017-01-26
New scales offering you higher readability In 2017 RADWAG offers its customers two new series of industrial one load cell platform scales: WPT/C/NV and WPY/NV. 2017-01-02
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