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Air Density Determination Set

Air Density Determination Set  en Accesorios
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The set is dedicated for determining air density. It consists of two cylindrically shaped


standards, and it is intended for microbalances MYA, analytical


AS with reading interval 0.01 [mg]. 

Different types of


use different models of the air density determination kit:
MYA microbalances: 
- diameter 8 × 12 mm, stainless steel standard;
- diameter 12 × 16 mm, aluminum standard;


AS series: 

- diameter 34 × 40 mm, stainless steel standard;
- diameter 24 × 28 mm, aluminum standard.

The air density determining kit features a Calibration Certificate proving its metrological parameters.


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Microbalanzas MYA 4Y
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Microbalanzas MYA 21.4Y.P PLUS

21 g

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ø26 mm

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Balanzas analíticas AS R2 PLUS
Microbalanzas MYA 4Y

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