MW-01-1 Weighing Module

Product code: WX-016-0021


Weighing module MW-01 is designed as a response for the growing market demand for industrial weighing systems based on load cells, where the weighing platforms are located in large distance from a controlling terminal.
Depending on the needs, communication with the module can be conducted via RS485, RS232, Ethernet, or Profibus. Module MW-01 series is intended to coooperate with terminals PUE 5, PUE 7 series or a PC.

The MW-01 enables full operation of PLC programmable controllers which communicate through communication protocol Modbus class 0.
The weighing module in network utilizing Modbus standard operates as slave, on one of available interfaces, RS 485 or Ethernet.

The MW-01 can operate in one of three modes:
  • RS484 - RTU, (hardware interface RS485, frame RTU),
  • TCP/IP - RTU, (hardware interface Ethernet, frame RTU),
  • TCP/IP - Open ModBus, (hardware interface Ethernet, frame Open Modbus).

Major applications of the weighing module MW-01:
  • Weighing systems which may be supervised by master computer system owing to comunication established using Ethernet interface.
  • Connecting a higher number of weighing platforms to indicators and terminals;
  • Application in checkweighers owing to high processing power of up to 1000 measurements per second;
  • Application in dosing systems.

Construction and functions:
Weighing module features metal housing. Signal cables are mounted through a cable gland. Communication with external peripherals is realized through one of four interfaces: RS485, RS232, Ethernet or Profibus.

Technical capabilities:
  • Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, ProfiBus;
  • inputs / outputs: 2 inputs, 3 outputs (2 contractor and 1 transistor);
  • Power supply of the weighing module: 8 ÷ 30V DC;
  • Quantity of divisions from converter: up to 223 (8388608);
  • Sampling rate: up 1000 samples/sec (od 6,25 do 3840);
  • Maximum signal input: 25mV (option to introduce change of ranges);
  • Impedance of load cell: 80 ÷ 1200 (option of limiting to 150 ÷ 1200);
  • Power voltage of load cell: 5V DC;
  • Working temperature range of weighing module: -10°C ÷ +40°C.

Detailed functions:
  • Indended for static weighing of up to 10000 e;
  • Intended for dynamic weighing with suggested samplling rate of up to 1000 SPS;
  • Possibility of simple dosing with one or two thresholds (bulk and fine dosing);
  • Possibility to design weighing systems operating in checkweighing mode.


Operating temperature -10 ÷ +40 °C
Power supply 8÷30V DC 
Communication interface RS 232, RS 485, Ethernet 
Protection class IP 66 
Maximum quantity of verification units 10 000 e 
Maximum increase of signal 19,5 mV 
Minimum volatge per verification unit 0,5 µV 
Minimum load cell impedance 80 Ω 
Maximum load cell impedance 1200 Ω 
Connection of load cells 4 or 6 wires + shield 
Multiple range YES 
Load cell excitation voltage 5V DC 
Housing steel 
Max number of platforms
RS 232, RS 485 transmission speed RS 232, RS 485: 57600 bps 


Technical Documentation

User Manual
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Data Sheet
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Conformity Declaration
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