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MW-01-1 Mass Converter

MW - The MW-01-1 mass converter can connect with  PUE 5, PUE 7.1, PUE HY 10 indicators or the PC
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Product code: WX-016-0021
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The MW-01-1


converter is designed to be a component of construction of an industrial load cell scale, where the


platform and the


are located in a distance one from another. Depending on the needs, communication can be established via RS485, RS232, Ethernet. The MW-01-1


converter can connect with  PUE 5, PUE 7.1, PUE HY 10 indicators or the PC. It  enables complete control of programmable PLC controllers.

The MW-01-1 mass converter can operate in one of the following modes:
  • RS485 - RTU, (RS485 hardware interface, RTU frame),
  • TCP/IP - RTU, (Ethernet hardware interface, RTU frame),
  • TCP/IP - Open ModBus, (Ethernet hardware interface, Open Modbus frame),
Area of use:
  • Complex


    systems supervised by computer system thanks to communication established via the Ethernet interface;
  • Connecting numerous weighing platforms to an industrial indicator;
  • Checkweighers due to throughput of up to 1000 measurements / second;
  • Dosing systems.
Design and Functions:
The converter is housed in a metal casing. Signal cables are fed through cable glands.

Technical Specifications:
  • Communication interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet;
  • Inputs/Outputs: 2 inputs, 2 outputs;
  • Power supply: 8 ÷ 30V DC;
  • Converter divisions: up to 223 (8388608);
  • Throughput: up to 1000 samples/second (6.25 - 3840);
  • Maximum input signal gain: 19.5 mV (range change option);
  • Load cell impedance: 80 ÷ 1200 (option of limit to 150 ÷ 1200);
  • Load cell power supply: 5V DC;
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C ÷ +40°C;
  • Support of MODBUS communication protocol.
Specific Functionality:
  • Static weighing to 10000 e;
  • Dynamic weighing with recommended throughput to 1000 SPS;
  • Simple 1- or 2-stage dosing (rough and fine dosing);
  • Possibility to construct weighing systems operating in a checkweighing mode.
Program for Control and Adjustment:
In order to operate the mass converter via PC, run "MW Manager" software. The software enables adjustment of the mass converter (e.g.: start mass determination, adjustment coefficient determination, gravitational correction determination, linearity correction), mass readout, taring, zeroing and filter settings.

Compatibility with:
  • PUE 5 Indicator;
  • PUE 7.1 Indicator;
  • PUE HY10 Indicator;
  • PC.


Maximum quantity of verification units

10000 e


OIML Class



Protection class

IP 66


Communication interface

RS232, RS485, Ethernet


Input/Output module (option)

2×IN, 2×OUT


Power supply

100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz


Maximum increase of signal

19.5 mV


Minimum volatge per verification unit

0.5 µV


Minimum load cell impedance

80 Ω


Maximum load cell impedance

1200 Ω


Load cell excitation voltage



Connection of load cells

4 or 6 wires + shield


Operating temperature

-10 ÷ +40





Multiple range



Max number of platforms




Technical specification
Publications and teaching materials
User Manual
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Data Sheet
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Conformity Declaration
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GSD Profibus (1.321 KB)


MwManager (82.21 MB)

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